Mature man standard, try to do it!

A, pay attention to your promise. Mature man never renege, his every promise quite seriously, the wish before thoroughly considered, his words whether really can cash, if can cash words he never speaks, the speech out will practice. His every word that let you feel at ease, can trust. Shoot off his mouth, disorderly your empty talk, tardy hadn't got action of men, with mature McGrady.

Two, don't brag. Mature man never talk, he will hold off proper silence, voice clear but not the tumult. Casual drink wine took his own little experience small story brought table with big speak, need not horn can hear half house, this kind of man, most bo audience a smile, who also won't give you the multifarious so-called "struggle" road of in the heart.

Three, knowledgeable and implicative enveloping. They read, and accept new things, new information is unceasingly rich own connotation. But they did not make public, their talent in only necessary to unfold, never to meet vanity to deliberately show off. They like the taste mellow wine and more has the flavor.

Four, broad-minded. Mature man not covet petty gain, not haggle over every ounce, don't care what eat small kui, not jabbering this complain that. Their eyes were never trivia tie, for home, the small quarrel, they are often "first turn angel".

Five, don't self-centered. Mature man respect yourself, know more how to respect others. They are good at the perspective-taking, will stand up other's side consideration question, not importune others indulge yourself, good cooperation with others. Where the "how do I how" man, typical small emperor temper, haven't grow up.

Six, have the courage to admit his mistake. Mature man not stubborn, can accept the different opinions, good at adopt good advice. For inappropriate decisions, they dare to undertake the consequences, never excuse prevaricate shuffle.

Seven, willpower. Mature man has ChuBian not disorderly psychological quality, once they decide oneself goal, towards its efforts, setbacks, they reason analysis and draw lessons, prompt correction direction, but never easy word back. They are exhausted, but at rest, and enough confidence to set off.

Eight, clean and tidy. Mature man respect her appearance. They leave the most suitable hairstyle, chin clean without bristles, facial not greasy, leaving no long nails. Clothes doesn't have to be famous, but neat and easy, don't wear crumpled up like a Courier. They would never wear black shoes with white socks, suit to travel.

Nine, aged respected. Mature man good-hearted, have a sense of social responsibility, has the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. He will give his seat to the old and pregnant women to affected areas will be making donations, will help dropouts, will to donate blood... These things they don't necessarily all do, but they never do nothing.

10 and hobbies. They are not only know the work robot, know to use hobby to adjust oneself frayed nerves and work leisure two not mistake, which makes them have interest. No wonder women say: have fun man doesn't go bad easily.
A mature man must be very honour thy father and thy mother, he'll never let parents in the north wind howling 30 stood entrance waiting for, also won't let parents grabbed the expensive prescription bitterness sigh returned home ginger soup against disease. Boil bowl When parents ragged arrived in his clean bright company, he will laugh hug go up, clap them of the dust. He would often give parents call, even interested in buying stamps write letters from home, like students doing when it.A mature man must love his wife, this kind of love, is not only the mouth say: "I love you", but love in their hearts, at the bottom of the softest place, brewing have thick, through the eyes faint to send out, to his wife gladne pass out. When the wife is ill when he must like hug children as hugged her, his wife deeply in his bosom; and warm He will be in thunder's rainy night pillowed the wife sleeping, no matter how important outside the dinner party, His wife's first hair must be his first found, then he will begin with gratitude psychological with relish finish eat wife do each dish, even if it is so busy hurried boil a pot of porridge plus a disc of white pickle, In the winter, he will use a generous hand caressing his wife's mouth wrinkles, mumbling way: "you is so beautiful!" But this moment, his eyes must glowed tears!

A mature man must often do housework because he knew the home is common harbour, even with domestic helper, wife also love sleeping husband finishing lie, love to wear her husband wash clothes, her husband's favorite totti appearance -- that pose, in her mind is how handsome and sexy!

A mature man will make money diligently, even eventually won few, but he never discouraged, he will struggle through life, poor when also never in front performance wife precious depressed. A mature man must is optimistic and diligent.

A mature man will accompany his wife on the street, he would think: leadership call my weekends, I can't refuse, wife named my weekend on the street, not even lost her, because that is the important wife life fun, wife forever ratio leadership important 10,000 times. And he will joyfully appreciate wife fitting of each a new dress, even clearly going to give oneself buy a suit, but the results persistence give wife bought a skirt with shoulder-straps and a lipstick.
A mature man must not cheating, he knows the soul and body on how to make his own elegant health. Moreover, he wouldn't give other women fall in love with your own opportunities, also won't allow yourself to enjoy woman ambiguous, thus let his impulsive and abuse. He believe that only around the most cherished. He is more clear: the so-called "men are not bad, women love", that only a bad woman love. "Men rich, woman delivered to home", that is a lover of money woman delivered to home. Excellent woman is not to love have fu.

A mature man must loves her children, because he is his own body, soul, even a part of life, no matter he is ugly is beauty, is healthy or weak, is a child prodigy or the ordinary person, he is always his heart pointy meat. He knows how to protect children, he understands that more how not doting.

A mature man must love work, no matter he is blue-collar, white-collar workers or doctors, teachers, he has grand in jobs found in fun. He unity colleague, caring for others, willing to do good. His salary is not high, but always happily busy and he memorized americans often words: "stay at home not go out to work of man most annoying," he knows full life more than key shuofang body can let a person vigor 4 shoot. A mature man always wear clean, easy and decent, hair neatly, leaving no beard, garment always emitting slight sun fragrance, he doesn't look crisper, but is certainly humor generous, graceful bearing. In the unit, mature man face always is permeated with smiling warmth!

A mature man must be very patriotic, he know: parents gave his life, but the country but can let his life more broad. A mature man, never do corrupt official, he understand: faith-base gotrocks happy than fear has a pile of money more interesting. A mature man won't go to play mahjong gamble and he refused to stay up late in life, also rejected any speculation in the game. A mature man sometimes drink but not rude. A mature man occasionally online, also can chat, but will not indulge in the yellow pages, nor the net love, and he knows best leave real soil virtual love is how absurd and boring.
A mature man is a mountain, he serious and rich, He is an ocean, great and sweet, He a tree, underfoot and strong, However, he is a poem, express the energetic wisdom, persistent, dark with GaoMiao...