Will look! The latest han outfit fashionable element deciphered (4)

There has been concern us "dressed" MM people will never forget some time ago to small make up for all the sole blackout icfbse reports, altogether well-dressed han hyo joo phase iii, inside various from South Korea's most expierence the fashionable collocation makes MM people enjoy a few games beautiful ornate visual regale, at the beginning of the New Year's day in 2011, small make up the final phase of han hyo joo for bringing the PI cao of special performance, hope likes her MM people don't want to miss oh ~
01 season is one of the most popular fashionable element, the PI cao of mixed color effect equally remarkable, especially suitable for wearing black costume more draws out visual bouncing feeling, tie-in knickers or whatever unlcerc skirts are fairly luxuriant and fabulous feeling.
02 softness of shallow gray fox wool KanJian collocation grows case grain shirt is recreational feeling, unique lengthened with perfect cohesion hem effect make unlcerc won't seem too abrupt, shammy tall canister boots appropriate bare leg ministry skin but today season big hot wear take a law.
03 milk white NeZi coat cultivate one's morality elegance, get a department of the ornament shallow ash rabbit is very gentle and demure feeling, down a dark grey is against conventional match on wine red Leggings is highly visual wallop, especially the collocation of rhinestones sandals on your feet is wear a wintry alternative fashion: Leggings + sandals combination.
04 of this beast grain PI cao ma3 jia3 tie-in white tight-fitting pants are vacant Feeling, for posters of shooting results MM people don't need to follow and go into battle stripped, collocation of brunet department knitting sweater, also can achieve similar aesthetic Feeling, and her body of which give off that shares temperament is what we want to pursue and drain.
05 clipping cultivate one's morality of double platoon to buckle black coat dignified solemn, neck NeZi the PI cao of collar has strong hua aesthetic feeling, especially those who give prize is unlcerc bold attempt to most enigmatic tight Leggings with snake winding buckle shoes but tide of camel's hair exposure to popcorn oh ~
06 set have PI cao edge of the shallow apricot suits look noble fashion, and feet with added in cylinder for fur boots bring out the best in each other, suede leather gloves brought out the handsome hale temperament, integral style softness with just, quite to force.


Sweet mix build after New Year's day

The 3-day new small holiday how to spend the day? Believe most MM would choose goes out to play or party shopping, dressed in beautiful beautiful meimei:
01 to open with the distance, the irregular pattern tie-in mo belonged to, abstraction and gave force, very downpayment department style light grey long pieces sweater, tie-in street wind dye-in-the-wood mei red furry line hat let whole carry bright many.
02 most festival atmosphere color preferred red, this kind of pure red double row NeZi metal buckles dress makes you colourful light 4 shoot, tie-in concealed in the bud silk short skirt, sexy charming, hem falbala skirt side design is quite sweet.
03 season big heat cloak outfit also favored by tide people respected, but not everyone can wear out of this kind of style, this section of the oh purports of camel's hair coat clipping extremely stereo feeling, pocket fork place openings design is very characteristic, inside take stripe dress makes you look like from the fairy tale world to get out of the small princess.
04 dark grey big turndown thick stick wool cloak easy and decent, waist the bowknot don't make tick off person small pretty waist, tie-in nigger-brown belt Martin boots to let whole sends out a noble luxuriant feeling, quite beautiful a costume.
05 with Blingbling style of pearl accessories sweater, the waist and cuffs of threaded shrinkage mouth very explicit leisure youth of flavor, tie-in princess fashion unlcerc gauze bud silk short skirt, perfect show bird hanging like sweet pure.
06 this last of A red skirt is very grid doll reduced age effect, but the single wear rather thin and flowery slightly some, outside take naked color type A paragraph coat calmed down too eye-catching skirt outfit colour, deserve to go up again, make you look satchel restoring ancient ways low-key do not break vogue again.


HanFan invincible sweet coat

New Year's day is approaching, in this festive days, please put on your sweet beautiful yiyibushe, present a festive and cheerful atmosphere, the arrival of the New Year:
01 romantic pure PI cao elements, thick texture, brings you a costly fashionable sense, and has recreational style of yiyibushe collocation, show able-mindedness relaxed fashion sense, is a good travel choice.
02 costly feeling fur collar, appearance is pretty nifty, fruity design, have fashionable feeling.it accept waist radian design skirt type coat, sweet beautiful Korean flavor.
03 big red coat, plush leisure even cap sense of design, comfortable and relaxed neri, excellent heat insulation, gorgeous colour, for depressing winter festival bring a fashionable breath.
04 super thick feeling the PI cao of elements, instantly present costly feeling, relaxed leisure design, perfect smoke take girth, need not worry about bloated, light color, very sweet taste.
05 PI cao elements in this season more someone gas, soft texture, fluffy feels dye-in-the-wood, handsome and spell lapel, contracted and do not break vogue sense chatelaine, deduce elegant recreational style.
06 sweet big red, accept the skirt waist design modelling, restore ancient ways and popular double platoon to buckle, deduce melting princess snowboarding progresses, PI cao's small LiLing, highlights the spell able fair maiden breath.
07 handsome affixed cloth raced back to reveal a lively leisure style, smoke with design of garment body, extremely line feeling, light color, deeply numerous woman love.
08 plush sense of DuanDaYi hat, delicate girth, atmospheric designs, stereo clipping effect, shaping slightly tilted skirt type coat, show the delicate woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood.


Do not miss the classic style high heels

亮眼高跟鞋 成就派对女王造型

Alexander McQueen $1295

Large area of gold give this shoe look magnificent. The charming fish head design and an extremely cool skull decorated in stark visual contrast, the absolute is to create “The Queen temperament,” the perfect single product

亮眼高跟鞋 成就派对女王造型

Alexander McQueen $ 800

Metallic snake skin texture, luxury wild, choose the shoe need to be strong enough Well off the gas field.

亮眼高跟鞋 成就派对女王造型

Christian Louboutin $ 1295

Recommended party in high heels, Christian Louboutin has characterized this pair is particularly, upper and interspersed with black lace embellishment perspective folds of gold sequins in the elements exist side by side, for all the parties and fun occasions.

亮眼高跟鞋 成就派对女王造型

Forzieri $ 880

Champagne high heels shoe shining on numerous Swarovski crystal embellishment, it is the reality of the Cinderella glass slipper. Fish head design makes this elegant shoe a little more lively shoes taste.

亮眼高跟鞋 成就派对女王造型

Yves Saint Laurent $ 920

Mysterious Lan Sirong fabric, irregular cut upper design, the Queen presented the gas field immediately


Taking Care of Your Feet With the Christian Louboutin Helmut Pump

Women prefer wearing heels and that would make them look very elegant and seductive. However, slipping into the heels and walking the way all these glamorous women walk, is not a child’s play. Take a moment and think, if there are heels and women could look the way they do by slipping into these, then why would be there women wearing flat footwear? The answer to the question is – the pain that comes with wearing heels. No matter how well one carries herself in heels, there would be still a certain amount of pain along with it. This is what would push most of the women to wear flats. There are real attractive footwear options with heels like the Christian Louboutin Black Patent Leather Helmut Pump range, but again not all can enjoy the same. The first reason for the same is that these are insanely expensive and not everyone could afford these luxuries. The other being the heel, which is the trade mark for this designer footwear – but for women who are not comfortable walking with heels could be really painful.

For the former concern mentioned above, one can go for the Christian Louboutin replica range. These are economic surrogates for Christian Louboutin. The top notched imitations would translate even the grace and elegance of the original one with the design specification. For the later concern which is, the heels causing pain the suggestions below could help:

-Start to wear heels at least 2-3 times a week. In case, one is not stepping out of the house, it is alright to wear heels at home and let the feet get accustomed to the heel. The transformation from the flat to footwear with heels is not easy. For the first 2-3 weeks one would feel really uncomfortable and would want to switch back to flats giving up the idea of wearing heels ever. Only when this stage is crossed, one would be able to wear heels ever.

-Whenever one has to wear heels and need to step out of the house, make sure that the feet should be in the pair of heels at least 10 minutes before one leave the house. This would mentally prepare one to get out from the home flat slippers to the heels.

-Use a lot of cream or lotion on your feet. This would allow the skin to loosen up a little and would be more flexible adjusting to the footwear as well as the weight which would now get towards the toe only, which was initially equally divided on the entire feet.

Using the three tips above would make a person more accustomed to the heels to start with, getting her out of the comfort zone of wearing flat slippers and once that happens – one is ready to look all sexy with the red sole Christian Louboutin replica heels.

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Katy Perry on Grazia January 2011 Holiday Spread

Hot and Happening Katy Perry covers Grazia January 2011. She is showing off her festive spirit along with sexy legs on the cover. Newly married and Russell Brand’s gorgeous 26-year-old wife, Katy is featured sitting on the moon with lots of stars and most shining star in the sky is undoubtedly “Katy.

katy perry grazia january 2011

Inside the magazine, sexy singer poses next to a bright red Christmas ornament and talks about her plans for a family. Just like Katy Perry Santa dress, hot one shoulder red dress and a sparkling head piece are also flaunting her festive spirit

When it comes to having kids, Katy says “Absolutely. I don’t want to miss out on any experience. I want lots of children. ‘It’s all very possible.”

katy perry in grazia holiday spread

Katy Perry’s Christmas plans: “There will be me and Russ and a pink Christmas tree and a tofu-urky. We’ll open one present the night before because that’s the tradition in my family. And we’ll do something new. We’ll start our own new tradition because we are a family now.” Check out Katy Perry in red dress with red Christian Louboutin Shoes.

katy perry in red gown

Katy Perry on hubby Russell: ‘What can I say? He’s brilliant. Every day he amazes me. He makes me laugh like no-one else. We are each other’s perfect match.”


You are in my heart forever baby ~ to his ex-wife

You once I agreed?
To all my life I've so call you.
I say! You are my big baby.
Optimal optimal is my little baby.
I'll call you all so.
You want me to say again.
I love you!
I say with smile! Silly baby!
True love is to give it always in my heart.
These you forget?
And so on many... You forget?
These the taste of happiness,
You really can't recall at all?
For three years, nearly four years.
My daily in li and xu.
Your shadow in the brain always linger.
You know what?
I will never forget your good, also not forget your bad.
I will never forget everything... Everything...
Although I've been trying to tell myself,
Over, it's all over.
All never can salvage leeway.
But I still...
I burned we together all the photos.
Also has thrown away all our together through all the clothes.
I delusion with such could throw you withdraw bottom forget.
But I was wrong, I was wrong again.
So, I hurt more uninstall bottom, my pain to the bottom.
You leave me,
I'll lock yourself in the room.
Three years have been locked in there.
Every day I to the mirror desperately cry.
After crying,
You know what?
That is optimal optimal in comfort me
Optimal optimal said, daddy why are you crying?
Why do you always need to stay in the upstairs?
Why do you want to always not downstairs?
Hear optimal optimal words,
I picked up the optimal optimal
Brimming with wipe tears
Dress up than cry ugly smile said
Optimal optimal, dad no, no!
But tears or not to front flow.
That is optimal optimal in help me to wipe tears
Wipe tears, definitely felt after optimal optimal tightly embrace me
Is optimal optimal gave me strong
You know what?
Optimal optimal is so small,
She is smart lovely grow and very beautiful
How do I bear on a lifetime?
You knew about this?
You choose to leave me
I don't blame you.
This is because of me to no avail.
As you said, even their most beloved women are not protect
Is not worthy man in the world
Now I think, in this you are right
Really is very right.
I don't smoke, don't drink
Without ideal, more no great ambition
I really was not worthy to be men
These I remember,
I changed
Now I changed
Now my smoking.
And smoke was badly
I also will drink more than before
Before I don't like mental exertion.
Now I also learn to use your head
Before I insist
Now of I also begin to learn to listen to others' see meaning
Previously my bad dealing with people,
Now of I also learned to communicate with others
Before I don't wear casual sports
Now I wear is full of recreational dynamic loading
You knew about this?
Three years I didn't find a girlfriend
Not that I find the girlfriend,
But I've been searching for your shadow
I want for myself to find a good wife
The more for optimal optimal find a good mother
Then thoroughly love them
Live a good life.
I have the wrong time
I can't again wrong
I made the wrong too much
This three itas god give me punishment!
Said some, let each other sad words
Is merely duplicity just.
In my heart
You will always be my big baby
And optimal optimal is always my little baby
Forever! Forever...
Please let me forever of all that you!