We are each the love baby

40 years old, he only me. According to the custom home, to give the neighbors to send the eggs dyed Hongyan. He rushed to market, bought a lot of bright and full of eggs, their own cooking at home, and then use cheap paint, that each of the eggs are dyed beautifully dressed. Mother said, he was up early to mention the 100 eggs, to several buildings on the surrounding sent. Knocking on doors, in the eyes of others alienated in a strange, very loud and very proud to say that I gave birth to a baby daughter, 6 pounds 6, two to six o'clock, the most auspicious time for it! Yet someone, when he turned away, saying, but a pack rat, maybe the girl of his career and will inherit it. In this case, he has been quickly forgotten. In fact, he was so excited, and even hit the road, holding the child's mother, also went closer, huh, huh smirk said, the daughter of our family is so beautiful too! Many people looked at him as long-term clean up the broken and the hands chap wither, often waiting for him approached, took the child to go far to escape. He was not angry, his face still piled laugh, the way the people just threw his water bottle to pick up and singing with a smile to get home to see his infant baby. I long to 6 years old, began to like to follow him, wandering around in the city. Those dazzling colorful lights, and something like the tall buildings can not breathe, wearing heels da da woman walked up and down, the hotel will not have to be careful in the light slipping on the floor, than he bought for me the candy, but also warm and inviting. Although I can casually from his pocket a piece of candy thrown into the mouth, peeling, and these things I am tempted, but always packed in a transparent box, any how hard I try, it can not be opened to remove them. Every day he took me with a tricycle, crossed the road in the city, loudly yelling. Pedestrians often joked that the child is picked up you? He has always been very moderate, but there was this sentence, always let him hurry. Occasionally he will make a loud argument with the people, saying, This is my own baby daughter, then what is picked up?! Passers-by to see his children so contests, they smiled, muttering words: you do about Grandpa, so old. I was a wild girl, and by his spoiled, what people are afraid. See others bullied him, would jump off the car to go debate with people, saying, My father was not old then, he had the most strong and can carry several dozen large bag in one breath, the few people down! He listened to one side, regular and passers-by with a laugh. But I know he's laughing inside, all my love. Nothing, he can make that moment, as in happy, very proud. 10 years old, I suddenly began to have a little selfish, and then do not want to go out with him. Then he began to open electric tricycle, put a treble in front of the speaker, are my Children, unceremoniously shouted over and over again: a pack rat it! Car Dodo to open the past, many people will look back laugh pointing. I finally know that smile, in fact, more is the pity for me and him. And sympathy, a step further, is a mockery of it? He still did not care, in fact, apart from me, nothing mind. Even outside the car was overturned street punks, the speaker can hardly fall silent, he also hid a lot of junk in weighbeam. He was such a bully, there is no sorrow, as long as the home, you can see I ran up to him shouting, Dad, there are no good things to baby? I was his baby, has always been. Every time he would give me retrieve something fun, and sometimes a necklace fade, he cleaned, I wear around her neck. Sometimes a light purple balloons, and he blew the biggest force, tie the mouth and then, "bang" sound photographed mid-air to go, see me smiling jumping grab. Mama always said, do not spoil her, and spoiled even you have to fear is fierce. He would laugh, baby is born do not let me pet it? Once at school, when, from a distance he came around to call a fellow student: Korean Xiaoya, your grandfather come! I think he was coming fast to the tricycle, that he wanted to take me home, suddenly a little sad, for the first time that he's old, he's humble, the original will make my life so much embarrassment and come down. That day I was laughing at the students, the small road to go home to escape. Slowly the sensitive breeding and selfishness, it is so, I began to flee his favor everywhere. He knows I do not like running around with him, not force, but still I am afraid of playing the lonely, bought a large dog. It is very thin, fragile appearance, I would give it named "Big strong." The weekend, holding its shopping around. I am familiar with it quickly, but for him, a look of vigilance, to retrieve his bones, but also take the eye looks like love. I know because he rarely come to touch a large and strong, he would rather come back after a cup of tea, look at my writing, do not want to tease it. I questioned him, why do not like being strong. He would tease me, saying, How can big strong baby good. Words, almost become his mantra, so I hear too much, feel, but that is a joke. But there is one, and he let me know, this sentence is not only his original mantra used to make me. That he was entangled in two local ruffians, he smiled and said good words for a pass, still can not get rid of them. After my big strong just to see him being bullied by local ruffians, a car of paper, have been thrown to the ground. I watched the two men look fierce, sudden want to run away, was I took a big and strong, but it is all of a sudden I break out, rushed to two local ruffians tried to bite, and finally they screamed escape. I walked over and quietly to help him clean up the floor of the paper. I thought he would blame me, in his difficulties, I do not like even the big strong, but he still heard the phrase, no one better baby. My tears flow out Shuadeyixia child. The original of his heart, but love, nothing else. I was a college that year, he has close to 60 years old, gray hair, hands and feet are no longer agile. For my tuition, he stepped over the city garbage to be found every corner. Re strength of the job, no one asked him to do, even if he be brave, carry a hundred kilos heavier bales posters, but still be chilled again refused. People who waste recycling, they joked with him, saying, old Korean, you almost become waste, and also installed the young, do not love yourself, no one can really become tired of the pain you will! He laughed cheerfully and said, Who said no one hurt, my baby will be too! I believe he said this sentence, some are heart warming. Although I only go home once a year, but missed its own, had made him happy. I then began to talk about a love, and carefully, do not want to let the person know that he is so dark in the city home. The boy's parents, are all top cities, there are elite usual cold and polite. I stood in his house, according to the floor to see shadows, I suddenly felt lost himself who had been the favorite. They do not know my background, do not know I have a scavenging father, but I hidden in bones of inferiority, or make them a glimpse of my secret. Finally have the time, the boy's mother, handing me a drink, the light and asked me: What does your father do?Christian Louboutin I looked down at the hands of the less familiar beverage bottle, remembered that he has used plastic bottles, I produced a lantern, piggy bank, children lovely little man, but he never tasted the taste inside. I slowly drank one, and finally in the sweet and sour and slightly bitter in taste, raised his head and said: My father, he will do the bottle back to, make money for my school ... ... I finally divided the boy hand, although the boy insisted, would not mind, but I know his parents. My father is slowly growing old, began to bend back, standing in front of me, need to rise to see his beloved baby, so I do not want to let him be someone else's line of sight, even lower. This matter, I have not mentioned it to him. Because of him, I can not, like others, have a happy love equality. However, because of him, I have a bold and headstrong as the young time. After graduating from college, I found a stable job, receive a monthly salary of not less. I will earn money the first month, has long been promising to buy him a brand-name shirt. Came to pay, Miss shopping guide suddenly asked me, your father fat? You'd better call confirm size, Christian Louboutin Pumps so as not to cause trouble. I casually access road, about 100 pounds now. Next to a group of people, all of a sudden laugh, that there are so thin man? My face, made a sudden red. This is my first time, the laughter from the others, saw his frail and helpless. What, so that I had to trot all the way home carrying a man, old and out so quickly? My youth, so pressing, and that gave me life and favor of men, but it is too late and so I love he was to old and out quickly. No matter how I said he is reluctant to buy at home wearing my new clothes. He just Hehedexiao with, to say the mantra I used to, no one without our baby well. But finish the sentence, but not as old as I heard that forget the trivia bit long-winded, but it is very strange to hold clothes and go out and launch tricycle out the door. Mother said, your dad more and more confused lately, is really old, and not just a pack rat back up, how they go out? In my mother's instructions to find him back on the road. Just outside of the alley, they heard a voice cry unashamedly old was: a pack rat it! I was standing parasol tree, saw him driving empty, it is hard to cry. His body, wearing I bought him a brand name shirt. So thin, it seems that the whole person, are set inside. Christian Louboutin Sandals His lower body is still shorts, feet, wearing sandals is about to break. Brand-name clothes, did not let his noble, but filling out his funny and humble. I was so happy to open three rounds at him, shouting in the street. Encounter was to sell waste paper, but did not stop, but a Angtou, proud to be opened in the past. I finally overflow all over the floor of his happiness to know, no matter how the old, dark, no matter what way I dazzling, bright, and we will all be with each other, the most loving baby

On the Feeling of Immortality in youth

No young man believes he shall ever die. It was a saying of my brother’s, and a fine one. There is a feeling of Eternity in youth, which makes us amend for everything. To be young is to be as one of the Immortal Gods. One half of time indeed is flown-the other half remains in store for us with all its countless treasures; for there is no line drawn, and we see no limit to our hopes and wishes. We make the coming age our own -- The vast, the unbounded prospect lies before us
Death. old age. are words without a meaning. that pass by us like the idea air which we regard not. Others may have undergone, Christian Louboutin Flats or may still be liable to them-we "bear a charmed life”, which laughs to scorn all such sickly fancies. As in setting out on delightful journey, we strain our eager gaze forward- Bidding the lovely scenes at distance hail!-and see no end to the landscape, new objects presenting themselves as we advance; so, in the commencement of life, we set no bounds to our inclinations.Christian Louboutin Pumps nor to the unrestricted opportunities of gratifying them. we have as yet found no obstacle, no disposition to flag; and it seems that we can go on so forever. We look round in a new world, full of life, and motion, and ceaseless progress; and feel in ourselves all the vigor and spirit to keep pace with it, and do not foresee from any present symptoms how we shall be left behind in the natural course of things, decline into old age, and drop into the grave. It is the simplicity, and as it were abstractedness of our feelings in youth, that (so to speak) identifies us with nature, and (our experience being slight and our passions strong) deludes us into a belief of being immortal like it. Our short-lives connection with existence we fondly flatter ourselves, is an indissoluble and lasting union-a honeymoon that knows neither coldness, jar, nor separation. As infants smile and sleep, Christian Louboutin Boots we are rocked in the cradle of our wayward fancies, and lulled into security by the roar of the universe around us. we quaff the cup of life with eager haste without draining it, instead of which it only overflows the more objects press around us, filling the mind with their magnitude and with the strong of desires that wait upon them, so that we have no room for the thoughts of death


Going Home

 I first heard this story a few years ago from a girl I had met in New York's Greenwich Village. Probably the story is one of those mysterious bits of folklore that reappear every few years, to be told a new in one form or another. However, I still like to think that it really did happen, somewhere, sometime.
    They were going to Fort Lauderdalethree boys and three girls and when they boarded the bus, they were carrying sandwiches and wine in paper bags,Christian Louboutin Pumps dreaming of golden beaches as the gray cold of New York vanished behind them.
   As the bus passed through New Jersey, they began to notice Vingo. He sat in front of them, dressed in a plain, ill-fitting suit, never moving, his dusty face masking his age. He kept chewing the inside of his lip a lot, frozen into some personal cocoon of silence.
    Deep into the night, outside Washington, the bus pulled into Howard Johnson's, and everybody got off except Vingo. He sat rooted in his seat, and the young people began to wonder about him, trying to imagine his life: perhaps he was a sea captain, a runaway from his wife, an old soldier going home. When they went back to the bus, one of the girls sat beside him and introduced herself.Christian Louboutin
   “We're going to Florida,” she said brightly.“ I hear it's really beautiful.”
    “It is, ” he said quietly, as if remembering something he had tried to forget.
   “Want some wine?” she said. He smiled and took a swig. He thanked her and retreated again into his silence. After a while, she went back to the others, and Vingo nodded in sleep.Christian Louboutin Sandals
    In the morning, they awoke outside another Howard Johnson's,and this time Vingo went in. The girl insisted that he join them. He seemed very shy, and ordered black coffee and smoked nervously as the young people chattered about sleeping on beaches. When they returned to the bus, the girl sat with Vingo again, and after a while, slowly and painfully, he told his story. He had been in jail in New York for the past four years, and now he was going home.
    “Are you married?”
    “I don't know.”
   “You don't know?” she said.
    “Well, when I was in jail I wrote to my wife,” he said. “ I told her that I was going to be away a long time, and that if she couldn't stand it, if the kids kept asking questions, if it hurt too much, well, she could just forget me, I'd understand. Get a new guy, I saidshe‘s a wonderful woman,really somethingand forget about me. I told her she didn't have to write me for nothing. And she didn‘t. Not for three and a half years.”
    “And you're going home now, not knowing?”
    “Yeah,” he said shyly. “ Well, last week, when I was sure the parole was coming through, I wrote her again. We used to live in Brunswick, just before Jacksonville, and there's a big oak tree just as you come into town. I told her that if she'd take me back, she should put a yellow handkerchief on the tree, and I'd get off and come home. If she didn't want me, forget itno handkerchief, and I'd go on through.”
    “Wow,” the girl exclaimed. “Wow.”
    She told the others, and soon all of them were in it, caught up in the approach of Brunswick, looking at the pictures Vingo showed them of his wife and three children. The woman was handsome in a plain way, the children still unformed in the much-handled snapshots.
  Now they were 20 miles from Brunswick, and the young people took over window seats on the right side, waiting for the approach of the great oak tree. The bus acquired a dark, hushed mood, full of the silence of absence and lost years. Vingo stopped looking, tightening his face into the ex-con's mask, as if fortifying himself against still another disappointment.
    Then Brunswick was ten miles, and then five. Then,suddenly, all of the young people were up out of their seats, screaming and shouting and crying, doing small dances of joy. All except Vingo.
    Vingo sat there stunned, looking at the oak tree. It was covered with yellow handkerchiefs20 of them, 30 of them, maybe hundreds, a tree that stood like a banner of welcome billowing in the wind. As the young people shouted, the old con rose and made his way to the front of the bus to go home.


3 days of thin and clear body detoxification method

What is a three-day detoxification method? In fact, is the use of pure natural foods to supplement the nutrients the body needs to help the body eliminate toxins and rapid accumulation of garbage in the body and increase self-healing self-cleaning ability of the body, in Europe and Japan are already very popular one with the universal kinds of maintenance mode. Three days off to eat very popular in Europe, America and Japan. Now is not the same Xiaobian recommend a three-day break to eat, or clear body of law known as the three days, you do not like to bring a new feeling thin! Possible, the best you can every month or once every two months clear body, this is a natural and safe method that can easily tired and weak to improve sub-health status, also contribute to a healthy diet, the most important thing is to clean the internal environment, eliminate waste remain blocked in the body and toxins, avoid various diseases, but also improve the skin condition. Clear three-day feature is the largest body of law to the situation according to their own preferences and choice of food intake, but in principle, limited to fresh fruits and vegetables, and if the diet better. Is simply on the basis of fasting, detox diets with life, in a short period to help the body rid of toxins, relieve stress and reduce body weight, is an effective practical health detoxification method. Specifically, the implementation of three days should be clear how we eat the body even though there are now a professional nutritionist to help design the menu, but I think not so much pains, in short,Christian Louboutin Pumps they can choose to accept, your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables, make salad (it is best to sprinkle salt on the breeze or a refreshing sauce, do not be a high-calorie Thousand Island dressing), labeled as fruit juice, or direct exposure, the use of some changes, so that three days can easily spend. In the choice of ingredients, Xiao Bian introduced some of the detoxification before are a good choice of food: fruit apple, lemon, kiwi; vegetables like cucumber, bitter gourd, celery, tomato; coarse grains like maize, barley, oat and mung beans, can be with food. Cooking raw food is as far as possible, or using boiled way, the less cooking close to the original as possible. For example, the morning cup of juice or fruit and vegetables directly eat the fruit, celery, cucumber tomato salad for lunch, at a bowl of oatmeal + fruit, vegetable soup, or cook a pot of witch slowly drink three days, in the middle hungry to eat apples or tomato, adhere to three days, you will find that the body is really a lot easier, spirit changed for the better, of course, the most obvious is the prominent belly disappeared,Christian Louboutin Pumps but also reduce the weight! Xiaobian really recommend this three-day fasting, the body clearance France, playing from the heart that lots of other good: 1. quickly and efficiently: life food to help the body in the shortest possible time, quickly and effectively detoxify the body and lose weight clear. 2. Natural Health: eliminate processed foods, high-calorie ingredients and cooking methods,Christian Louboutin shoes say goodbye to greasy to eat mainly fruits and vegetables,


Second least six more "detox weight-loss techniques

To thin, first detoxification, if stool is not ruled out clean, it would likely lead to little stomach fat, physical deterioration, more fat, therefore, must be timely discharge toxins. That in the end how to detox it? Detoxification, as long as you follow the "two little more than six", Christian Louboutin Pumps fruits, high fiber foods and beans, red rice, whole wheat bread and other coarse food to promote gastrointestinal motility. 3, more breathing deep breathing can be transported to the body of nutrients, discharge of unnecessary waste, it is recommended to do five minutes a day for at least take a deep breath, take a deep breath before going to bed or take advantage of, but also Zhumian Oh. 4, drink plenty of water to detoxify the liver and kidney are organs of the body, drink plenty of water can promote the metabolism of liver and kidney. The morning after getting up and immediately added the first cup of warm water with lemon or honey to help the liver and kidney detoxification, drinking at least 2000ml water a day. 5, the more sweat bath, is the use of heat to shrink pores, skin, sweat a lot, definitely is a good detoxification method. If you think more pronounced effect, add bath salts to the water,christian louboutin heels you can enhance removal of harmful substances, eliminate waste. In addition, the weekly exercise can speed up the lymphatic circulation and help detoxification. 6, and more to keep pores clean and smooth, we can help the skin to breathe smoothly detoxification. Skin detoxification and maintenance, clean and clear most important categories, such as use of exfoliating or deep cleansing mask and other products, the skin surface of the dirt away, we can keep pores open.


How to choose the morning of the first glass of water

The best way to detox is to get out of bed in the morning to drink a glass of water, not only can help discharge stool can also help to lose weight. The first morning cup of water to drink, but what like? To choose what kind of water, inside the school on a big paper, the following and Xiaobian Check it out together. Salt: for constipation bowel toxins can accelerate this salt is salt water, that is, adding the right amount of salt and boiled water to drink no salt as the standard, should not be salty, otherwise it will add to hypertonic dehydration, it is was dry mouth. As we all know, salt water has a bowel, laxative effect, so, early in the morning to drink salt water can ease the symptoms of constipation. Special attention is needed, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal dysfunction, patients must be strictly salt water as fasting to disable the first glasses of water. Because the morning increase in blood pressure when the body of the first peak, higher blood pressure in salt water will. Lemonade: Lemonade is generally not practical fashion with the addition of lemon in boiled water and made, so that added to the drinking water vitamins and citric acid. On the bright side, citric acid can effectively stimulate the secretion of stomach acid, increased appetite, and will not hinder the cells to water absorption. However, on the other hand, the long-term use may cause calcium loss lemonade, and cause excessive gastric acid secretion. Gastrointestinal ulcers were to be careful to drink lemonade. Drinking water: general body detoxification best choice for people who lean belly Although the choice of the morning to drink a lot, but drinking water is still the best option. It is the natural state of water through layers of boiling purified from the water there are inorganic salts such as calcium and magnesium, and micro-organisms in water have been killed. Also drinking water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, both to add cell water, can reduce blood viscosity, which will help urination. Usually drink boiled water for half an hour later, the body will be discharged before the night of the metabolites. Breakfast will not affect appetite. Milk: milk fasting intestine and over the loss of nutrition through milk is not "the first cup." Fasting drink milk but "gut and wearing-off", no time to digest the stomach, small intestine time to absorb the nutritional value of milk will not be realized, there are people there flatulence and other allergic reactions, but the good thing into a bad thing. Fruit juice, cola, Christian Louboutin Pumps etc.: the worst morning of the first choice of cup of water juice, cola, coffee and other drinks should not be used as the first glass of water early in the morning. Because such drinks contain sugar, fat, protein, digestion and absorption after drinking needs, not only will add to the burden of gastroenteritis, but also the first glass of water early in the morning cleaning out the role of environment in vivo, can not effectively supplement more water, therefore, extremely not conducive to good health. Honey water: not suitable to drink the morning before going to bed more suitable for Chinese saying goes: "Zhao Zhao salt, honey soup every evening." Morning fasting state, drink honey water, is easy to make the body more acidic,


Easy to understand the physical double weight loss

Many people feel that their weight control is not down with their weight have a great relationship. Constitution can be changed is a matter of fact, to tell you clearly understand the following physical Xiaobian to lose weight, help you the most ideal state of physical conditioning to easily thin out a good figure, then together with the Xiaobian look. The body to prevent acidic "base" to come back more exercise in the sun to do more exercise, more sweat, the body can help eliminate excess acid. Eat more alkaline foods in daily life to try to eat more alkaline foods, alkaline foods such as seaweed, radish, tofu, red beans, soybeans, apples, onions, broccoli, tomato, spinach, bananas, etc., but are unlikely to cause loss of appetite Quedui body of useful things that people often think that something is eating sour acidic foods, such as one would drool grape, strawberry, lemon, and, in fact, these things is typical of alkaline food, because the fruit contains organic acid in the body will be oxidized to carbon dioxide and water, do not generate acidic metabolites, but also vegetables, fruits, potassium ions in the alkaline substances that can neutralize acid,Christian Louboutin Pumps maintaining the body balance. Drink plenty of water if your main drinking water is boiled water, then perhaps this little tip useful to you; we always used to boil the time to not turn off the heat and allow water to be burned for a while, this is right; but to pay attention to in the water lid should open burning about 3 minutes to allow the water acidic and harmful substances evaporate with the steam and boiling water is best not to drink the day overnight. After 1:00 at night is not going to bed early to sleep, the body's metabolism by endocrine burning, burning with the endocrine toxins will be a lot of physical changes will acid; Usually people stay up all night the chances of chronic diseases than people who smoke or drink alcohol are far more high, so every day at 12:00 in bed as much as possible, do not often stay up late, if not to stay up all night, one week to only once! Eating three meals a day, breakfast accounts for 70 hours, 0 minutes lunch, dinner and 30 minutes, showing that the most important breakfast; but many students generally do not eat breakfast, early in the morning on an empty stomach no power, it will automatically use the thyroid, parathyroid, Under the pituitary gland, burn tissues, causing the gland hyperactivity, physical changes acid, long-term will lead to chronic disease, those who called at 8:00 and then eat supper, late night will be tired the next day, could not get up; sleep in a rest state, so stay in the intestines where the food becomes acid, fermentation, produce toxins bodily harm. Lack of exercise all day long sitting, but also a deliberate choice of some fine food to eat; However, the lack of fiber can cause functional deterioration of the intestines, so that the food we eat into a toxin, so that physical changes acid, chronic diseases have begun to the. To improve the acidic from the following two aspects: 1. To prevent excessive intake of dairy foods a) meat, cheese products, eggs, beef, ham, etc are acidic foods. b) excessive intake of acidic foods and acidic blood will be viscous, difficult to flow to peripheral blood vessels, easily causing poor circulation cold feet or knee, and shoulder stiffness and insomnia. c) young and healthy to eat the right amount of meat is (no growth hormones and antibiotics). 2. The pace of life will cause the acidic a) the pace of life will lead to mental and physical stress. b) According to statistics, people who sleep late the probability of cancer five times higher than normal. c) had to live in the rhythm of the human world, no Korea to store up sleep or food and not day and night reversed. d) Human organs are controlled by the autonomic nerves, sympathetic nerve activity mainly during the day, at night the parasympathetic, if the order is disturbed and inverted, then diseases breeding. Summary: want to change the acidic body, it is necessary to correct lifestyle, so that the body is in good condition.; But also a scientific exercise,Christian Louboutin Pumps moderate exercise, in your kin, promoting the exclusion of acid do not be afraid to change easily and easy body fat First, changes in body fat acidic s first constitution of the people most prone fat, the body is showing the characteristics of acidic, that is, slightly acidic pH of the body. Acidic people, there are some simple features can be identified, for example: mouth likely to have bad breath, smelly excrement is also more; the afternoon are particularly vulnerable to fatigue;christian louboutin heels There are more sweet tooth, taste or emphasis. Acidic people, but also acidic blood, blood vessels in the accumulation of waste easier. Like inside a building, if the flow of water in the relatively clear water, water pipes are more difficult to block; If the water is relatively thick, turbid, relatively easy to plug. The same principle, acidic blood people with poor metabolism, in vivo accumulation of toxins easier, not easy to exclude. How, then, present constitution acid, how to do it?


The reason fat men

Men and women tend to be fat in different parts of "beer belly" is the young men the most troublesome thing. However, the beer belly is not inevitable, and get rid of it you will look better,Christian Louboutin Sandals more abundant energy, will live longer. Diet www.ssnn.net male office workers in particular face the risk of obesity. For the following reasons: ssnn.net lose weight 1. For a long time sedentary office, as a result of tension and lack of exercise; 2. Feelings of depression from seeking comfort food or alcohol; 3. Weight and pressure you will form a vicious circle: ordinary people under pressure, easy to overeating, indigestion caused by overweight, so more vulnerable to effects of stress 4. Some people think that "Laugh and grow fat", fat is a kind of carefree performance. From a psychological point of view, this may be true, which is why most men married after the body was blown up like a balloon as quickly as one of the reasons fat; 5. Usually about the male body 30 billion fat cells, increase with age, these cells will be heavier. Christian Louboutin Pumps Therefore, almost every man after the age of 30 is always heavier than before. And his genes, hormones and slowed metabolism are beginning to have an impact on his abdomen. Weight loss program: 1. Riding a bike, running, swimming, walking and other aerobic exercise is the body of calories consumed the most effective way; 2. You do not like vultures looking for prey, like in the car-infested parking lot looking for parking spaces, the car was put little further, you can enjoy the fun of walking; 3. enter the building, do not take the elevator,


Wants losing weight first expulsion of toxin

Loses weight must first expulsion of toxin, after removing the toxin, not only may losing weight, but may also improve looks, understood that the different spot the toxin has sent out what kind of signal to the body, and defers to the different spot, divides the time interval expulsion of toxin. How expulsion of toxin? Starts from the daily life, expulsion of toxin also is very actually simple. The stomach expulsion of toxin the toxin expression: The tongue coating turns yellow, the halitosis the weather to be spring dry, because in vivo lacks the body fluids, the stomach fire rise, many people felt that “cannot eat to the full”, besides the eat three meals a day, between-meal snack does not leave the hand, the afternoon tea, midnight snack cannot be few! Then, stomach's pressure increases, its working efficiency unceasingly is also dropping, when food cannot obtain the full mastication in the stomach, will affect its nutrient uptake, will cause the toxin rise, will thus appear has the tone, the tongue coating to turn yellow and so on questions. Anti-drug operation: Abdominal type massage ssnn.net loses weight losing weight Best expulsion of toxin time: 7 ~ 9 o'clock In the morning when gets out of bed, leaves first is puting on clothes anxiously, makes the breakfast. The deep breathing, carries on the abdominal breathing--Adopts kneels sits the posture, holds back the navel 3 ~ 4 times with both hands' middle finger. Places on the navel both hands' middle finger, slowly bends the waist forward to 45 degrees. Makes an effort both hands' middle finger to hold back the navel, other fingers vertical withstand the abdomen, until draws close to the floor forward again the waist curved 45 degrees, simultaneously uses the mouth and the nose exhales outward slowly. Relaxes the finger, slowly stands up straight. When the upper body soon restores for initial state, with the mouth expiration, also throws out the chest rapidly, closing performance. Is redundant 2 ~ 3 with similar Fang Li. Every day insisted that may promote the stomach blood circulation, improvement metabolism, enhancement stomach's mastication ability, discharges the toxin smoothly. The spleen expulsion of toxin the toxin expression: Surface minister the spot, the leucorrhea increase, when body's moisture is oversized, spleen's function will be threaten, will cause spleen's digestion excretory function not to be good, lets the toxin deposition in this. Spring approaches, the appetite is very good, this often eats food raw and cold flavorful food, easier to injure to the taste digesting system, enables the deposition to discharge smoothly in spleen's toxin, easy to present surface minister the spot, the leucorrhea to increase and so on phenomena. Anti-drug operation: In the morning beats the calf movement best expulsion of toxin time: 9 ~ 11 morning 9 ~ between 11 o'clock is the spleen passes through the time interval, is making the movement which at this time some are good for the spleen, then may increase spleen's neutral strength. This time, was generally just the thrust build-up, for this reason, also not delaying work, but might also promote the health the petty action to be most appropriate, that tried to beat the calf movement lightly--Lifts one leg on the other, the random hand grips the fist to beat the calf place lightly, strikes 5 minutes continuously. Because of the spleen after the process in this, thrashes gently to here may stimulate the spleen to pass through the movement, promotes the spleen function, lets the long-term siltation discharge smoothly in this's toxin. The small intestine expulsion of toxin the toxin expression: The chin presents smallpox smallpox small intestine to distinguish clearly muddy, apportions the urinary bladder the moisture content, but bodily trash apportions the large intestine, but the essence supplies the spleen. But when human body potable water quantity insufficiency, small intestine's creeping motion ability will reduce, this kind “the classification” the work will not achieve best. Not only the nutrition does not have Li to transport promptly, also did not have Li including the distiller's grains to transport promptly gives the large intestine, the bowel movement has also become the daily most major problem, thus caused the chin to present smallpox smallpox. ssnn.net loses weight losing weight Anti-drug operation: After afternoon may, stretches the legs ssnn.net to lose weight losing weight Best expulsion of toxin time: 13 ~ 15 o'clock In afternoon's these two hours, the small intestine after the start “the duty”, this time is the strong small intestine “the best time”, drinks water massively no doubt importantly, but also has a small know-how--Lunch latter 20 minutes, after effort stretches the legs, may stimulate the small intestine to pass through, lets the small intestine wriggle effectively. Moreover, but may also solve afternoon's spring sleepy problem, lets afternoon's life, the work be more sober。
The kidney expulsion of toxin the toxin expression: The face or bodily dropsy, the weary feeling increase the kidney to manage body's liquid movement, when liquid does not have the Li normal operation when in vivo, the body will discharge the muddy fluid ability also to reduce, the body will present dropsy phenomenon. Continuously for a long time hence, will present the kidney expulsion of toxin the disadvantageous phenomenon, but the body expulsion of toxin will also consume kidney's energy, when the kidney load will be oversized, will also cause the human to feel the four limbs to be incapable, the body will think tiredly rests. Anti-drug operation: Before stopping work for the day, the both feet grasps Best expulsion of toxin time: 17 ~ 19 ssnn.net loses weight losing weight In this time interval, many people are start are one day-long work stop work for the day, with the aim of enjoying the family life as soon as possible. But in this time, is actually the kidney after most bustles about time. Therefore, takes an action to stimulate its potential, and eliminates the kidney wearily is the first choice which expulsion of toxin for the kidney. Puts work which starts to hit, takes off the shoe in the active region, lets the instep close proximity to ground, at the same time which the whole body promotes upwardly, lets the both feet grasp, insists 3 minutes. This time may stimulate the kidney to pass through the acupuncture point effectively, lets in body's fluid cycle achieve unobstructedly, the toxin will not become in the kidney “gathers the Li citizen”. The heart expulsion of toxin the temperature to climb gradually, human's pent-up anger climbs slowly along with the weather “rises”. The Chinese medicine believed that the tongue and the heart are interlinked, if ulcer long on tongue, is the pent-up anger prosperous performance, but when pent-up anger becomes the burning exuberantly, on the forehead will present smallpox smallpox. When this kind of toxin non-Li elimination, will affect the sleep, and will present the chest to be stuffy, stabbing pain phenomenon. Anti-drug operation: Is all right eats the spot “painstakingly” Best expulsion of toxin time: 19 ~ 21 o'clock When the pericardium after starts works, you are enjoying Family time, this must certainly have the snack adding to the fun! Perhaps, you may try to eat the spot “painstakingly”! Here regards the husked lotus heart, although taste pain, but may send out pent-up anger; Although is cold, but will not damage the human body. May use the husked lotus heart to make tea, may join some licorices again, will like this increase it expulsion of toxin the effect. Moreover, tries the balsam pear salad to be also good, the salad sweet taste may cover balsam pear's bitter and astringent flavor, and will not lose the balsam pear expulsion of toxin ability, it may be said that will kill two birds with one stone. The liver expulsion of toxin Routine stays up late, to time which needs to rest also absorbed is working or the entertainment, because this time the liver being compelled works, causes liver non-Li to make the enough enzyme, these enzymes use in the physiology helping food the digestion, the absorption, the use, when each kind of enzyme secretion is insufficient, the toxin are also getting more and more along with it, thus further creates the bodily nutrition serious lacking. The expert pointed out that “the liver main reinforcement”,Christian Louboutin Pumps the nail is “the muscle” a part, therefore toxin when the liver stores up, on the nail will have the obvious signal. www.ssnn.net losing weight men and women Anti-drug operation: Sleeping peacefully Best expulsion of toxin time: 1 ~ 3 spots in the before dawn 1 ~ 3 spots are the watch times which the liver passes through, this time needs the human body to occupy the deep sleep stage to be able to provide the good environment to the liver. Therefore, understands relaxes itself, and when 11 o'clock switches off the bedroom the lamp is the best choice. Moreover, must understand in the daily life: christian louboutin heels Cries to cry is not the crime--Because of as the excretion fluid's tear fluid, is the same with the sweat and the urine, inside has some truly to the bodily harmful biochemistry toxin. Therefore, is uncomfortable time, puts, constrains when simply cries. Has a look regularly oneself the touching movie, and bursts into tears heartily along with the plot.


The disappearance of Tuvalu - a prelude to the tragedy of global warming

Inadvertently saw a news today that the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu will become the first victim of global warming, rising sea levels will be completely submerged in a few years later this country. Then nature is Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Indian Ocean, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius. This way, the ocean will be a string of pearls on the sinking of the beautiful tourist attractions in the sea one by one disappeared, the enthusiasts who visit the tropical islands where tourism is also? Over the years the greenhouse effect seems to have been shouting a qualitative change overnight, before the prophecy written on paper suddenly come true, God began to play hardball. Ever since the Government began to get nervous around the world, and meeting to discuss setting emission reduction targets. The practice of cramming, one can not but think of an even a child will know it: a process, why did. In this shot the ball great on the earth, as the master of mankind, has been playing a spoiler role in the natural population expansion with a series of problems. A short history of human civilization for thousands of years, especially years of industrial civilization, to the irreparable damage to the planet. Over-exploitation, deforestation, industrial pollution led to more and more species disappear. However, we can not really change anything, but to mankind in digging your own grave and step by step beyond redemption. If the recent Indian Ocean tsunami and earthquakes are frequent natural disasters worldwide, with the so-called Earth's interior into a new round of geological activity on as a reason. That the Arctic glaciers melt, the Aral Sea disappeared and led to extreme weather phenomenon El Niño there is linked to the letter and man-made disasters. Face the facts, be expected to work together to solve problems of all mankind is just a empty talk only to their own energy saving and emission reduction with a suspension of the death penalty. Even frantic leadership, the General Assembly will open the exhilaration of small, uneven quality to unite all human beings, let those of pollution to gain big head drilling Qianyan resuscitation, then it is harder than that to overcome this disaster. We can do is continue to promote environmental protection, and how many people can really be impressed and to participate in them. Most people also for their own meals in the ecstasy of struggle, you do not expect him to sit down to the garbage. You can enact legislation to ban and thorough investigation of the sewage, but the law in the next, people in the dark. The enemy advances,Christian Louboutin Pumps we retreat, the enemy tires, ranked the enemy retreats, wild. For money can do anything out, you can expect him to effectively respond to the party and the government's call? The diversity of human thought and human selfishness has done the best foreshadowing the outcome, the final decision to the inevitable demise. Whether you're rich poor, the level of official position, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, the Day of Judgement comes,


Eye of the nine errors to be careful

The eye is most likely to reveal the secret of the age where a woman, fragile skin of the eye occupies the slightest mistake will be crow's feet, and dark circles, bags under the eyes is often visited. Your corner of the eye brow that Qiaoxiaoqianxi whether traces of these years, so that your age has become an open secret? Eye care, you want to avoid the following nine errors.

Myth # 1: Cream ingredients are almost Kelly: Eye in the selection of the time I usually care about Eye of the brand, never paid attention to product ingredients. Truth: simply select the brand is not enough, select the eye cream ingredients have to look at! Eye of the moisturizing ingredients usually include glycerol, polyols, hyaluronic acid, honey, etc.; Eye of nutrients generally include amino acids, wheat protein, VE, VC, VA, etc.; Eye of the convergence of elements typically include witch hazel, cucumber, caffeine; Eye anti-aging ingredients usually include collagen, jojoba oil, olive leaf and so on. Eye of the different components, the effect is naturally different. Society Choose eye care products according to their composition, can be found more suitable for their own products.
Myth 2: Select the expensive, it must be right Vivian: I recently bought counter the suggestion of a lady a very high price of cream, but found no use around the corners of several small white dots began to appear, we Why is good skin care products said to my face, they have played the anti-effect? Truth: It should be based on the specific needs of selected eye cream skin, and not simply believe that expensive is necessarily right. Such as the skin itself is rich in collagen content, if we choose a highly nutrient-rich eye cream, it is easy to "nutrition" appears around the eye caused by fat granule. Eye for their own use are usually the first skin of the eye can immediately be absorbed completely, feeling comfortable and soft, flexible skin after use, and quit not greasy. Therefore, no matter what price the products selected, the trial should be carried out. ---> Korea BL eye mask, anti-detoxification effect
Myth # 3: a cream enough Amy: Eye on the instructions are generally labeled "plain to reduce fine lines, puffiness of the eyelids, black eye socket, eye bags are particularly effective "message. But with the period of time, crow's feet, eye bags and dark circles like the children no less, how is this going? Truth: Most women are vulnerable to a misunderstanding that a good eye cream can also solve many problems. In general, comparing the efficacy of specific eye cream, eye cream is often only multi-functional protective effect of strong, does not mean solving all the problems. Use eye cream can also be used in conjunction eye mask, eye mask like the mask, is on the eye deeper and more available for the protection and first aid. Eye care products can prevent or alleviate eye problems, you want to completely get rid of crow's feet and bags under the eyes have been serious, or to rely on surgery.

Myth # 4: selection based on age Eye Ella: I am 25 years old, the eye began to appear some small wrinkles, counter lady told me I should use 25-year-old suitable for daily moisturizing cream, but with a month of no help. Christian Louboutin heels How can I do? Truth: It should be based on specific issues selected eye cream skin, rather than just age. Use eye cream is the best time to wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles do not have time to take preventive measures, not because the young and there are chances. Because the living environment of modern society very different from the past, air pollution and serious damage to the skin UV, most young women will face the computer all day or late at night Happy, perhaps in the age of 20 have been very serious eye problems.
Myth 5: sunscreen, skin can stimulate the eye Lisa: The skin of the eye, I do not coated with any sunscreen, but recently more and more eyes appear fine lines and sunburn, which I do not coated with sunscreen on you ? Truth: In many people's perception, eye care is nothing more than dark circles, eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles in the prevention and repair, but it ignores the real culprit of aging is ultraviolet light. Only apply the cream in general, not good eye skin sunscreen, maintenance can only be counted as half. But the market for body or facial sunscreen products are not suitable for the eyes, and recommended to choose a sunscreen cream or eye-specific effect of sunscreen. Christian Louboutin Flats If you do not have sun cream, sun, be sure to wear sunglasses.

Myth # 6: The more the amount of eye cream, the better Tina: eye skin dry, coated with a cream will not work, will better increase the dosage? Truth: Eye of the use of the effect is not proportional to the amount and use. After coating the cream if you feel still can not alleviate the dry skin of the eye, you should try to be more moist product, or use eye cream. Apply as needed before the cream painted the same cream, coated with cream eye cream can also be used before, its molecules smaller, more easily absorbed eye skin, and then apply the cream will play better results. Such as La Prairie's Caviar Eye Gel and Estee Lauder compact population Night Repair Eye Recovery Cream, for young skin, it can be used alone as an eye cream, and for the skin, it has been a problem , as used before eye cream in the cream. The excessive amount of eye cream, not only is not conducive to absorption, it will be a burden, accelerated skin aging eye. Misunderstanding
7: Eye on the line as long as the touch of Mary: that of my colleagues than my cheap eye cream, the skin of her eye is much better than I do not know is not with the way related? Truth: Many eye cream really is because the use shall not be treated but not fully effective. In fact, in addition to selection of products for eye problems, but also to tie in with the appropriate massage technique to enhance the effectiveness of eye cream. Painted cream, the hand to gently massage, eye massage exercise to do, using the ring finger of the pulp gently circulating around the eyes to do massage, gently massage the ring from the inside out five laps, the way to light, and then in the eye point pressure of three to five times, promoting blood circulation eye, and finally rub the palms, then Apply on the palms on the eyes, count to 10, so that heat the skin microcirculation to speed up the eye so as to better promote the
Eye absorption. Error 8: Eye can only be applied in the eye Gigi: long-distance flight, lips, face will become very dry, in the absence of moisturizing cream or lipstick cases, eye cream can applied to the face elsewhere? Truth:Christian Louboutin Sandals Eye skin is the most tender parts of the face, eye cream for all skin care ingredients is among the most secure, most moderate non-stimulated, can replace the temporary use of facial products to other parts of the skin. Dry conditions on the aircraft's air conditioning and office it had been all over it and the skin will become dry and dull, and even fine lines and wrinkles are running out! For emergency water shortage in the skin, whether dry cheeks, or chapped lips, a bottle of moisturizing cream can be used in any part of the skin to give a good skin care.
Misunderstanding 9: eye care is not to long wrinkles Rebecca: not long been thought that as long as crow's feet, people will not look old. However, recently met an old classmate, though no longer a wrinkle, but obviously feel a lot older,Christian Louboutin Pumps I watched as she turned and found the upper and lower eyelids drooping of the eyelid. Truth: Face first appeared in the corners of the crow's feet wrinkles, so people often do use eye cream and wrinkles in the corner vertical massage, this is undoubtedly true, but the face is not the first corner of the eye relaxation area, but under the eyes, followed by the upper eyelid. Aging phenomenon in this region was not crow's feet, but give people a strong impression of aging, must be a preventive measure. The eyes of young girls laughed and small wrinkles will not make people feel old-fashioned, but very cute, can relax the upper and lower eyelids and puffy but will make people look haggard. So not only anti-wrinkle anti-aging eye, but the entire eye area to maintain tight state


XieWang bele

Brand, supply chain, channels, plus refinement of management, bele out of the manufacturing enterprise, become the new manufacturing virtually embarrassed.
This May 23, bele international holdings limited (Hong Kong) in the Hong Kong stock exchange, 1880, 8.40 in hk $8.14 barrel. According to the market, the closing of hk $6.7 billion, more than 380 million hk dollar value of gome (Hong Kong), a port 0493 into the mainland market retail.
Have strong voice channel is one of the core competitiveness, bele listed in the bele vigorously develop sales channels
Female shoe market was ever grace international group Co., LTD (Hong Kong), and almost 0210 poems, which adopts bele international brand strategy, more expanding sales outlets,Christian Louboutin shoes seems to be in each on hard and bele international. According to investment securities on June 4, according to a report of international footwear bele last forever, gross 56.1% for international (54) the grace and li ning (47.4%) are high, the company inventory turnover is below the industry average arose 2.53 of 3.4, receivables turnover days for 9.89 days, below the industry average of 15 days.
Since 1981, bele founder and the chairman of the board DengYao international founded in shenzhen, lihwan shoes Co., LTD has rich manufacturing, bele from footwear from retail channels, gradually expanded at brand, this way of 16 years, bele out of traditional Chinese manufacturing, become the profit-making new manufacturing.
Many brands and low cost
"In the early 1990s, we only have one brand Belle (bele)." One in ten years of international job bele old staff to remember, when they DengYao, chairman and CEO filled in shenzhen one hundred pepper 52-storey block a set of three rooms one hall of office, far from management, supply chain. "But at the same time, the two have strong brand awareness. They think shoes to sell a good price, there must be a good brand."
This brand awareness throughout the whole development process of bele, from the beginning of the OEM manufacture knowingly escape route, with a high starting point, brand matting. In 2000, bele began to develop more brand strategy, brand more by the launch. Currently, bele has bele international good, cato, he (she), madame TATA extension, Jipijapa 6 own-brand and beautiful poems and Bata the franchise use brand. In addition, bele international also Nike, adidas, puma, reebok and Kappa Mizuno Levis, sports and leisure clothing brand distributors.
According to China's enterprises information center (CIIIC) compiling statistics, with sales plan, bele 10 consecutive years as the first brand in Chinese dress shoes. And at last top 10 Chinese dress shoes,Christian Louboutin Pumps bele international sales division, the good days, bele cato, he took her four, bele ranked first.
"Everyone bele has its own brand of stylist, each brand style to the designers for core, basically every brand design, each other not sharing ideas, in order to maintain the brand style of independence." She said the Lord LiYuan stylist brand. She and other designers, is the soul of brand design team.
When each brand design drawings, will be brought to the meeting, all orders received an order, by each brand goods and consult factory for orders, and single. When the shoes from factories, goods will be delivered to each department data to operations department, the brand by the operation department is responsible for checking and products, located in the region of 10 to send data distribution center
In the area of the distribution center, bele international brand products began. One day in the morning of August, the HuangGang road in shenzhen, the reporter sees the TV industry to pull on the truck, above a Nike, adidas, good days, bele other brand shoe, they will be sent to all stores point-of-sale in shenzhen. "Yes, we are the distribution center for all brands and sporting goods bele do logistics." South China distribution center of management personnel, wang wei said more than 3000 square meters,christian louboutin heels a warehouse, bele cato, good days and Nike, adidas, etc. Of the goods all bele brand, In logistics links, with multiple brands in warehousing, bele has started on resources integration.
Bele brands resource integration is the second leg in the channel in the pioneering pack entered. And aokang, red leather enterprise opened store dragonfly etc, bele's sales outlets for shop counters. "In general store, bele will advocate hit five brands, and because they go into the product sales, and stores in negotiations often prevail." Vanguard ensemble super large department store Co., LTD, a director of investment to tell a reporter, bele with many brand advantage, is high-grade the favour of department stores.
Design and replenishment attune of independent brand goods, warehousing and logistics management and development of packaging, and integration between the orderly, make bele maximize the company resources integration, with relatively low cost more brand operation. Bele will set the benchmark, currently under aokang four brands, but still is the brand independent operation. And, as in aokang footwear enterprise, most companies even started more brand road, but today is the ability to integrate resources and bele.Agile supply chain
In shoes, Here, each stalls of leather shoes are put on the old one, the OEM manufacturers, exclusive design is the core competitiveness, and high value-added profit source. So the new shoes are hid, unless the old customers to customer, or they will pull up, let customers drape secretly, and then choose pattern or design production order.
Xingyuan hair is one of bele suppliers. Besides, the source of the city and into the European shoes industry, and egrets stalls, bele closely, namely the ODM supplier for design style, they choose, bele tag bele brand marketing. Whether European shoes plaza.underneath the universal shoes plaza.underneath beside still gathered in the area of guangzhou railway station, several large-scale shoes plaza.underneath nationwide wholesale leather shoes. These shoes plaza.underneath the stalls actually is shoes OEM wholesale, both for some big brands, oneself also supply some less operation well-known brands.
"Good day every four seasons here, the amount of each order from hundreds of thousands of double double to." It was the stalls shoe salesman beginning rapunzel said. She picked up a pair of shoes Teenmix "with", told reporters that is very popular in summer, the design of the wholesale price is 100 yuan, 10 double minimum, stores sell 200 yuan. "Now in the production of winter, spring will soon open shoes order exhibition!"Once in the beginning, bele budding said each season, will be brought before the order exhibition to pick it, then took the shoe shoe in order exhibition, after receipt of order to ever again into orders. For the factory in shenzhen baoan district into, and close the factory. Bele
In China, many brand shoe is through the purchase of OEM or ODM manufacturer's product sales and OEM. The most important department, buy a hand is purchasing, they need time setting still keen insight, have good vision to judge the next season popularity trend.
However, bele's shoes is not OEM and ODM. Bele DengYao founder in the 1970s is Hong Kong famous designer shoes, he is in the mainland and frequent trade in leather, saw the domestic shoe, so early and emphasizes on bele creative design. 10 years of accumulation, bele's powerful r&d ability is more than its brand obtained high engine.
"Bele is independent of shoes design." His Lord said she LiYuan stylist brand. She recently from a domestic brand shoe enterprises, she quit that his former club management mechanism is not suitable for r&d, bele will be independent design as the core competitiveness, gave her a suitable space.
Bele each brand quarterly average out 300 to 400 new shoe pattern design team, the designer and product r&d team by composed, they not only from various fashion exhibition in grasping trends, according to the past, market conditions and sales of competitors, the overall design concept.
With independent research and development, why even bele external purchase? "If bele will each season in their design and designers, and risk, if the market, these goods will not accept all failed!" A person familiar with the operation of bele said. Through the outsourcing design, bele can guarantee its own r&d advantages, and can according to market demand for flexible coping style.
Bele each brand design team will attend the annual drawings of the four seasons of internal order exhibition, the region will be based on the preference of this first order, including a detailed product design and quantity. "A pair of shoes from shelves, more than 20 days there fastest." LiYuanWen told reporters.
In a product, bele is 50% of the first order, all the rest is completed by filling in the form of single. When the first products on the shelves, the product of each item according to the sales manager will predict remaining 50%, the product sales, weekly orders issued replenishment. Factory orders and replenishment after receiving, will soon complete production ready for raw materials.
Stylist in 50% of the production process, while still plays an important role in the first shipment on the market, the brand to the designer after the first, check in shoes sell and slow-moving, then change in response to market demands,.
"Due to the order, the most by 50% for single form of factory, taller to the requirement of the production target is no longer a high-efficiency low cost, but to quickly finish more brand small batch of single!" Cheng 100 pepper said.
In order to strengthen the control of supply chain, bele since 2006 in shenzhen baoan began establishing New Year is expected to total industrial zone, bele will 15m. "Whether self-built factory or establish industrial union, must grasp production in their hands." Bele CEO shing 100 pepper warned aokang group limited company chairman wang zhentao, he thought of all the outsourcing production sales, can control the unfavorable too, and fashion products 3.5-ounce Peggy can fish when sold.
Goods from the factory produced after bele, keeping constant rhythm to each of the regional distribution center. "Every morning, goods on time arrive from a factory distribution center in shenzhen city of 11 o 'clock goods from us, night is the issue of south China to other cities in the morning to goods, nonlocal sales outlets." Bele wang wei distribution center of south China, told reporters. Actually, the goods at the factory began to distribute the goods, to each region will direct the distribution center, the regional distribution center of each city to again distribution center. And Nike, adidas sports brand is sent by their own timing distribution centers, bele each time again unified regulation shelves.
Although bele has more than 4000 sales outlets, can maintain flexible market reaction ability is lightsome, mainly with self-support goods department and closely, is the secret of bele.
In Beijing the counters, bele landao store clerk tian miss work every morning, the first thing is to open the computer system, understand headquarters to counter what new goods with. "Sometimes two or three pairs, more than 10, when a new stock every day, in the computer can clear." She said.
And, as the counter landao stores located throughout the country, can pass bele information system to the sales situation of each pair of shoes. The department in shenzhen, add a layer, and the days of good bele counters and pleasing, adjacent to a salesperson tells a reporter, every day after work, she will all the sales situation to IT in the system input and the supply of goods for single and transfer of the decision. "Every new shoes are just come from September to 34 yards, 39, so that we may sell through information system, if not ChengDiao with goods, goods department issued to apply, in part by goods nationwide tone."
In August, but still very hot in shenzhen bele cato, pleasing and other brand shoe ark in the autumn already. Another area is the discount. "We will sale season tail." A salesman said. But because of the strict control of orders, bele has reduced the risk of unmarketable Peggy.
Strong voice channel
"All women passing place, have bele!" Cheng 100 pepper said. He thought women consumption, if the randomness of the customer, should seize the women in their places frequented by winning the best shops selling products, and can do business together. With the brand with channel drives, bele's shoes, but rarely do advertisement in female consumers in the mouth.
Cheng, 100 self-support outlets can pepper with the consumer feedback, although what each sale terminal bele has installed IT system, but many subtle information but not through IT system can get. Because consumers to take off shoe and try to wear, is a difficult process, "customers tried to explain her shoes are very satisfied with some aspects, and finally has not purchase reason may just because some details are not satisfied, not a product, do not start selling it bad, the high probability, and ask the product sales are bad, but, according to the customer's opinion on small changes will soon after, became a best-selling products!" Cheng 100 pepper think these only independents to better accomplish, while the joining trader in sales and inventory or other perceptual information feedback, timeliness, comprehensive, accuracy is not independents.
In department stores, bele has brought a steady stream of people. According to China Euromonitor footwear retail mode, from 1998 to 2003, the department stores in footwear (especially high-grade products) in sales, leading to 2003, the total retail sales accounted for department stores in the second row, and 41% of the store is only 19% of share. In recent years, is just an important opportunity of laying bele channels.
"We have to open stores, because it's hard ChuTou comparison shop around and stores about good conditions, such as it is apt to change your location, or delaying payment settlement account." A well-known enterprise high-level private shoes. When the domestic shoe brand shop route, most go to choose the bele open shop in department stores.
"Good malls are vigorous and orientation of the popularity of high-end market, the brand shoes and bele." Vanguard large department stores investment department chief said. Bele and store the killer is negotiating the brands that total sales in stores provides allure extremely, therefore, bele will always had good location in the department store, and cooperate closely. The prospectus, bele until December 31, 2006,
Christian Louboutin Sandals bele in department stores of total sales, sales of 74.3%.
Besides, bele has small amounts of the joining trader. Bele north part personnel to join a wang, told reporters after listed in enlarging bele channels, including in the development of urban and rural places joining trader.
He says, bele now open the good days, bele, she added, the four brands to the joining trader, from joining shop goods, 40 thousand yuan will be enough. "If the city has, or the independents bele has the joining trader, bele will open to other people, all the joining trader in local are exclusive of." Mr. Wang said. According to him, bele is introduced from five years ago in subprime cities began to join, let alone in the small current urban development in the joining trader, bele internal self-support stores, more than 80% of the joining trader, the main purpose is to set up in the remote parts of the brand image of bele.
Blossom of channels for bele has brought new profit growth point. In 2006, bele became Nike and adidas in China's largest agent. "Nike and adidas come soon follow came in." Wang wei. In addition, bele has agency li ning, reebok and sports leisure Kappa brand. These sports leisure brand notting have is not fancy bele is numberless as the sand of the channel network.
Actually, the agent for sports brand and not bring higher profits, bele 2006 bele agent franchise brand (including Bata and beautiful poem), the total turnover of 28.6 percent. But hundreds of pepper saw the bowls of business, he attributed to two reasons, one is the low risk, "is money and resources", 2 it is to represent the future trend of sports brand, "American sports shoes industry in the proportion of 70 per cent, while China is less than 30% of the 2008 Olympic Games, China. The space increased sneaker is very big." Cheng, although that 100 pepper to contribute a lot of women bele profit, must be ready for tomorrow.
In the channel, the sport brand bele has two legs, one is shoe products are grouped into and department stores, another is orts shop. According to data display, currently under the corporate governance, bele has already opened in China and more than 1,000 sports stores nearly 50 professional sports city. According to the prospectus, bele acquisitions or hire more bele is building, build more orts retail store.
Management of the company
Many brand strategy, flexible supply chain, strong channel, all this, is inseparable from the fine management. Bele
Credit suisse investment in China SuQi managing director, said the master of business management, gave investors great confidence. "We saw so many enterprises, bele's fine management do best!" A senior investor bele tells a reporter, it is his own company stock investment bele without hesitation.
In his eyes, bele management success may be in three aspects. The organization is a seemingly very loose bele, its organizational structure is the headquarters, the retail sales area, 10 of the three layers of architecture, each region has a general manager, each area general manager power. Bele will give underneath branch headquarters of organization structure and the suggestion allocation, such persons, but the decision are pricing in local, "pricing and inventory cost, profit, and all the indexes, accrual equivalence. So can maximize arouse the enthusiasm of regional director, because they know the local market."
In this management framework, bele high-end products are unified pricing and low-end products is a unified ex-works headquarters, to give a guide price only by local himself to order. "Because of the rich world, price is not sensitive to the low-end products must follow the local market, its consumption ability has very big difference." Cheng 100 pepper.
Bele management success lies in the centralized headquarters. Bele headquarters responsible for strategic business development, national marketing and brand management, financial management, senior staff recruitment and training, such as work with more energy to headquarters to support and service for the future, and the strategic direction.
Three is the equity looked very loose bele, bele headquarters, the regional sales and production department for all the senior managerial personnel of the shareholders of a company. "Management by capital market, which means they like the interests and investors interests." Credit suisse investment in China SuQi managing director. Credit suisse is bele stock joint underwriters.
"Bele USES is the main power management, matrix is concentrated in the middle of this layer is 10 regional branches, each branch has many people, for example, one of the biggest branch has 900 people, a minimum of more than 100 people." A familiar bele insiders said.
He said that the enterprise implementation of general management will be more difficult, matrix because involves the reasonable degree of centralization and decentralization, and the main power bele to the front line, general manager, they still tend to branch of the corporation, the vice President of great power, can not only reasonable resource allocation, to get more resources, the headquarters of the branch can coordinate, bele from headquarters issued all brand, concentrated in the distribution and sales, branch "warehouse management and administrative service is Shared, and brand and separate."
Actually, in addition to the management framework, matrix of management and give investors bele has left a deep impression. "Any regional manager bele has jurisdiction in the area of any store all clear-sighted, such as area, rent, geographic location, a few counters, several sales personnel, store discounts, can speak clearly. Fine management, it is very rare in China's retail trade." The investor to the top bele surprised.
But in the reporter's interview, bele common staff to business of same surprising. When the reporter asked to the north of wang staff, he has been through in the north open no bele has a "blind", any of the city's economic situation, secondary indexes, such as consumption level of understanding. Even some remote reporter mentioned county, he can speak, bele immediately if there, local economic development channels for bele.Brave talk. "This is coming from the founding period of bele has a staff of bele evaluation. He thinks bele years good luck, but let it to seize the opportunity, but spread to every nerve endings of fine management.


Can be used to show the Christian Louboutin shoes

Summers could be fun but only when one is not under the sun. This is the best time for the ladies to show off their skin and look as sexy as possible. The fashion trends in clothing would suddenly mount sky high as the summers would approach. The choices of clothes are in abundance when it is summer as compared to any other season for that matter.
This is the best time for the ladies to keep themselves in shape and to take care of their skin at the same time. Even if the ladies are not willing to expose but even if the ladies or the girls would like to slip in their sleeveless blouses, the arms and shoulder should be well in shape. The same goes for footwear as well. The choices suddenly increase and there are zillions of new kinds of footwear in the market alluring the customers. However, it is wise to purchase less footwear but to go for the quality ones instead like for example the Christian Louboutin Miss Fortune Black Christian Louboutin Pumps would be a good summer footwear choice and if the ladies are not willing to burn hole sin their pocket with these then the Christian Louboutin replica collection would prove to be the best economic surrogate.
Besides the quality, there are few more things that should be considered while purchasing the summer footwear.
Firstly, the summer footwear should not be covered. Due to the increased temperature and even humidity at some places, it would be very difficult to keep the feet away from sweat. In a situation like that, going for footwear which are not entirely covered like the shoes and ladies bellies amongst the other it would be good. Not only would the feet be able to breathe through the same but at the same time, many skin problems cropping form moisture could be avoided.
Secondly, irrespective of the fact that the feet sweat or not, it would be a good practice to wash the feet after every three hours or may be four for that matter. This would have two benefits. One, the feet would stay fresh and would look good. The second reason would be that the feet wouldn't fell tired as the feet would be rejuvenated with the water splash.
Thirdly, it would be a big no to wear stockings or leggings in the summer season. Not only the ladies doing so would look out of the place but would be restricting the legs to be free in the summer.
Wearing feet deodorant and applying a lot of moisturiser to keep away the smell and dry skin respectively, would be indispensable for the summers. Also, one should apply a lot of sunscreen lotion on the exposed portion of the feet to make sure that the feet has an even tone.
Taking care of all the above would make a lady shine brighter than the sun in the summer. Last but not the least, leaving the house without shades and an umbrella over the head would fail all the fashion initiatives.


By surprise

I usually trend of articles are not verified descriptive, but this time I have to write such a title.Christian Louboutin Pumps For 10 years chun xia's dress looks so simple and lack of originality, arrive from colour style, perhaps is from commercial consideration, some interesting, halfback or creative tendency in the domestic market has finally.
With nautical style armour influence on the market is now seems most commercial two trends. The impact on military uniform style in early trend forecast of us spoke, in fact, uniform or jerkin style has scraped the several seasons, and also is the important next season autumn. This season, the uniform and jerkin style to mix, emphasize relaxed and optional recreational dress up and functional. So the inspiration from the military or jerkin sheet is tasted,Christian Louboutin shoes from the spring of the traditional four pocket of jacket, uniform jerkin style jacket to update the details of locomotive armor inspiration to ma3 jia3, such as shirt skirt is the key product on the market. Colour is the natural tone with desert storm from sand color, light green to khaki etc. This style is wider extension includes and functional related dress, tooling skirt, trousers, skirts pants, shorts conical etc. We see that this style on the market, and no more than a few new before the season is not even see, we Balmain as the military uniform style and so on the collocation of rock and roll style integration.
Nautical style with the trend has strictly, because in each season, spring series, nautical style has always it.nor holiday elements. So this is also the nautical style in the original style at an update. This combination of nautical style elegant feeling some 1950s, and in a single product and design more diversified forms of summerly: from the box to the navy style jacket to insert or stripe T sweater is the key of the sheet is tasted, a metal button, including the ropes, anchor badges, etc, and adornment element naval stripe, knit etc. Maybe this is a classical style with security, enough big brands in this style trend is "convergence".
Soft "should be 10 chun xia's a keyword, we said that there may be one of several seasons rocking huge shoulder strong female subversion, let us again falbala and ribbons wave of women age. And from the trend from the core of women in boudoir inspiration and underwear, combining with the skin feeling soft and translucent color and brightness or soft trailer fabrics. Wears outside underwear is the style of the core, mini shorts and a T-shirt and tights bra type is a key product style. But from market performance," see, see sexy, romantic, this style in the domestic market in the guise of mediocrity, more in a romantic feminine style or rural style. But occasionally occur in some "High Street" brand, such as HM. Instead of bra type T-shirt like this are very sells abroad in the sheet is tasted, but we still rarely seen in the domestic market.
Contracted sculpture style also is mainly in some "High Street" brand, such as HM, Me&City. This is the season in a style, emphasize on the body curve and the outline of carved tulip.Another important trend is sports season, and can use the influence of different ways to deduce. From the ocean or surfing for inspiration, inject new form for sportswear. As the second skin is a must, tights on this basis showing diving and surf the style,Christian Louboutin Sandals it is difficult to say how something fresh. These "foreign" brand High street, according to the different market demand will adjust, such as Zara, HM or some trend products in domestic market does not appear. While many domestic brand itself in the trend is lagging behind, so also the area. Hope the next season, and we have more surprise


An increased risk of photos (reported photography,

France. Hamath. Normandy beach ", Robert Capa (Robert Capa), 1944

"If your pictures aren't good enough," war photographer. Robert capa once said, "that's because're not close enough." This sounds like curry (capa 1954 in Vietnam war filming mines and died, and was 41 years old), yes, but he understood what he was saying. After all, he is the most memorable scenes in d-day (on June 6, 1944 Christian Louboutin ) in the morning, when he and the first infantry in Omaha beach.
Under heavy fire in a dive capa, he could find the small, then he took shelter behind the camera film, all the hard left battlefield. He saved his life, but only just. In the terrible on Normandy, capa took four rolls of film, but besides 11 the tickets were impatient assistant in a flush of film when destroyed. (he is in order to catch the next issue of the journal life time) :
However, ironically, the same mistakes made these photos had survived the extremely good surrealist vision effect (Christian Louboutin Pumps " slightly out-of-focus "-- life magazine published in the wrong explanation). Fifty years later, director Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg film (in) saving private Ryan filmed in Normandy landings SOB, try to recreate the "wrong", even remove waterproof cover cameras to achieve capa that "bad" lens effect.

The woman's "animal

Christopher gilbert is acknowledged as the world's most outstanding advertising is one of the photographer. He's mysterious, said about his background, few people know, so we can appreciate his works, he is talking to the works of amazing ~ ~ ~


Qiu dong trend to celebrate by tapping the classic regression

Constantly changing fashion, beauty exaggerated in the last season after the precipitation in 2010, finally the qiu dong season, suspension, officially declared the concise spindle let classical style with a kind of brand-new style, especially the fair maiden brought up -- american-style extremely brief and to take in the sexy, French engaging in romance, taking missish, Their armour and elegant; Sweet bud silk more compatibility bright... The city female people of relaxed and agile, in this qiu dong is classic regression carnival.Actually really is something overnight in the morning: open the Internet, fashion channel of the winter that by 2010, scan each big shows all low-key inside collect, contracted atmosphere. Several familiar to look over the waist and is vaguely remember in grace kelly or Jacqueline Kennedy seen style. Want to know, a few days ago, we still eyeful chun xia's vast printing, shiny piece and glittering and translucent and bright, and then in a flash, several heavyweight stylist neat return should open: "classic!" Few words are recorded, looked up and dust settles on.
The so-called "classic" refers to a relatively long time, in most fashion fans, to become one of the important elements in the era of fashionable dress collection. In other words, Coco Chanel said "tide, only the" eternal "style", which can be style that she is loved by millions of women tweed suit, also can be really, but she can lead the fashion of Christian Dior evolution of "New Look. In fact, all of which were now fashion fans remember "classic", are fashion and social integration, self evolving, and they once existed in the 1980s, 30 to salute to them that today, who can say to attack the return value of new faces exist?
Qiu dong fashion T stage clearly tells us like Beckham, ba Tudor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Catherine Gardner fu these represent different beautiful women as the classic of their hourglass figure with pride, classical money show female unique graceful line, also more than this, the fashionable women learn using modern techniques will be full of conflicts of various elements are combined, collision, cascade, don't appear abrupt or coxcombical, to trace, this is a mature woman should have clad ability. In the 1950s, the dress profile return to emphasize the contrast, long bosom curve and the calf skirt wide again this season fashion conquered catwalks, of course, also may the moisture is affected by the beauty of a madman "advertisements" Mad (Michigan algorithmic decoder Men) in the ubiquity of experience, but more and more young people begin in the mother's grandmother's closet even find inspiration, those who were extracted by time, the classic element will converge on their momentum, and sends out in fashionable appearance of enchanting amorous feelings. Balenciaga Givenchy, long pencil skirt and classic Jacqueline Kennedy's "set" (jet - even body skirt with small coat) style for the season with the taste of the 1960s. The handsome and military uniform style of smoking, aftertaste letting a person since the 1970s unlimited scenery.
Repeat this season, is common in classical fashion after a low profile creative compromise: compromise is the focus in order to sell more clothing and ensure fiscal revenue, abandon away from deficit of excessive ever relentless composition is unavoidable, Creativity is the point in history, fashion, the golden age generally carved into the design of the sense of cheap gradually, no matter what age for women, are worth excited. In fashion critics eyes, "classic" sometimes is not necessarily back out of fashion trends, absorbing the essence of the new PenBo out of oxygen, this is to ensure the correct way of classical forever. Interestingly, though "classic" in different country, different maps of be fond of of different character, the designers, with impressive numerous theme, but in the presentation of fabrics with colour, have similarities, coincide with the 2010 winter T stage, no need of adornment is omitted, began to unequivocally quality fabrics, the contour, neuter color clipping.
The modern high quality fabrics feel, easy besides picky, still require "zero", France's fabric once a range of evening, would be changed.so, abandon too close knit degree, so not wrinkle resistance, solid, grain, normal about unity, just fine dust cleaning brush the Italian men fabric is great dress, also stressed the tactility contrast material, also can let the woman wearing the mature experiences through the temperament and lasting appeal. On the other hand, but does not need to mention will exist forever black, white, ash, blue wait for neuter color, and some few appear intellectual ochre, purple and green, Fu bold and fashionable. But this year qiu dong, but not the color, the color is naked on T stage, including the coloring of camel's hair, with close cream-colored, golden blonde, brown, from New York to Paris, almost every brand will have a season, naked color coat the essence of this highlighted the highest "cool" luxury.
With senior U.S. department stores Neiman Marcus fashion director Ken Downing's words: "female people cannot lack a strong and reliable shoulder" - you can certainly understand women still eager to man's arms, but for designers, make gold in the women's strong independent, return to the mainstream of classic form "to celebrate with attack" as this season fashion trend of real topic.

1 extremely brief movement
American style extremely brief season knitting elements mainly in combination with the traditional dress of fresh after the contours, knitted fabric made by suit, or use a simple t-shirts and shorts supplement pencil skirt and a concise is its vivid expression. Especially has represented the pencil skirt American workplace style in return, and different is, designers use fashionable clipping and fabrics to deduce for many kinds of situations in pencil skirt.
2 bud PI cao
When the PI cao of wild charm of bud silk, after meeting will become soft. Stylist is in this season to create a complete female image, neither tough nor delicate. Tisci Riccardo with black feathers skirt with upper body frivolous transparent bud vest, to increase the overall modelling is lightsome feeling Givenchy, At Chanel show you can also see similar techniques, like the white hairy coat from the poles, short skirt, and after a knee tall canister boots are handmade compose flower bud silk blouse is to the body of the complex.
3 lady return
This year qiu dong, many brands in feminine, return to highlight female curvaceous profile design. Many brands will be looking to the late 1950s to 1960s initial classic fair maiden. From the umbrella skirt to dress, gauze to knitting, from the point of this season is to mix of different materials.
4 armies urban
Uniform design in this season with more elegant and feminine. In winter in the most natural army green as adorning colour appear in the integral collocation, Christian Louboutin Sandals it is not needed for large scale, you can take it with mustard yellow, khaki, CangLan or animal printing and fur, and then to match with wonderful collocation autumn is fashionable. In profile, designers are in the urban women to live for inspiration, the outline design various styles. In order to wear a uniform fashion "stylish rider", can be in uniform coat, naked on the heels of sexy, also can use a pair of boots will snap bundle, don't have amorous feelings.
5 the nude color
The change is naked so rich, so never changes of camel's hair, a shallow cream-colored, coffee, ZheShi, are the important colour cannot miss qiu dong. But should notice that: they are not independent, but with aureate, coffee, JunLu collocation are together. With the color of camel's hair warm coat collocation MaxMara gold, In Ferragamo, aureate embroidery with cream-colored fabric shirt was used to suit to match. And some other brands through different gold-like material produce the effect of call champagne, such as silk shirt is comparable with finishes the burnish like gold. The collocation of color combination can be naked in the decoration on, no matter be a choice of handbags or other similar belt, can let a naked looks more creative and supplement not too abrupt.
6 neutral pants
Many at ordinary times for the brand, the main outfit are introduced in this season, rich in the 1970s style of pants, Yves Saint Laurent suit style of Smoking in 40 years ago (Le) influence leaves as returned to a woman's body. Bottega Veneta this with black gives priority to tone, the design of classical style YSL, Christian Louboutin use double-breasted suit increased coat texture, it sags Givenchy and shares, Hermes and completely in England gentleman for background plate, a few can cosplay genuine neutral stage, Gucci and call is closer to the rock, embroidery, or a gold stripes fabrics, suit the masculine horn type with short pants blazer, well decorated the shape legs. Both day and night, designers from the fabric is very good in the package design, Christian Louboutin Pumps soft texture and choke? Foot waist, suitable for various occasions, and designed with velvet and metallic fabrics is colorful elegant late outfit is necessary.