Let love blue small grain guy penitence dead

Detect blue small grain "male 1"Christian Louboutin Sandals

After the summer vacation English teacher new replaced blue small grain, she came in, I and a handful of other tall boy then chorus Shouting: yeah! Beauty teacher! Blue small grain in our intentionally exclaimed, immediately red in the face. But it is still big we age, or pinned the our arrogance, smooth the ground finished her first class.

After she tried to escape, we were boys rowrrf to block the way. A group of people are holding English textbooks, but does not comment in what problem, but xi xi bad smiled up at her. One side of LinXiaoShuai pa holding hands and cried out: small grain teacher, you have boyfriend? 21 blue small grain, estimation is the first wise FeiQi dye-in-the-wood students, that was red the face lower the head, like a got xun child. But we, like great trial of her old gentleman. Is the tumult, the old class pout came in. We shout a abject DiaoShouSan, thought to blue small grain off away, but she is very bashful ground raise head, very clearly vomit a: apply, It 'sasecret.

It is the most sensitive young, we still from blue small grain fulled tenderness eyes, with a slightly jealously guess, she must be a sweet love. And she would only one quietly enjoy the happiness for us to share with the reasonable request, is the fundamental disdain.

But what? It is the heaviest age, the more curiosity could not know, the more he can stimulate the we detect enthusiasm. Moreover, such a beautiful blue small grain, in our hearts, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan star, not our group of paparazzi strives to dig out some information, and outside class the boy lie to talk to, how can have absolute say? How can beautification blue small grain in our hearts image?

I and LinXiaoShuai some boys, very quickly established a temporary "paparazzi", is responsible for the detection of small mouth blue bluegrass secret, also undertake all information about the blue small grain report the task. Each lesson can let us hear deluded blue small grain, so, from our mouth "belle sister", upgrade for "target", but she that lingering appeared boyfriend, became our collective jealousy was the male 1 ".

Secret like flowers bloom

Us this raises the paparazzi, indeed as expected missed the whole class expectations, almost every weekend night, has news broadcasts to everybody. According to the survey, blue small grain affirmation is to have a boyfriend, because we always saw her sitting on a bench in the campus of bamboo, holding the cabinet of mobile phones, gentle voice said what. The conversation, of course, we seek not to, but then blue small grain, and the podium, she is vastly different. She casual cock's mouth, middle finger exuding the turquoise blue light of the ring, gentle intertwined with long hair and eyes overflow clearly the sweet intention and tenderness, every point, tell us, mobile phone sneaking around the end of it, settle is blue small grain love deeply a boyfriend.

Moreover, the lucky guy, and blue small grain is a college graduate? But he is too ambitious pass Beijing to a famous university student, cruel to the bird hanging blue small grain left in our middle school. The news, restrained greiner handsome little, he is senior one.they of ShouFaYuan, sometimes want to shoot some apple-polishing the teacher, then to help people to run errands with letters or retribution. According to him, blue small grain to love the attachment index, the absolute is more than 90%? Because text messages and e-mails, is how quick ah, but only idea be close blue small grain, just as no emotional appeal disdain devoid of way. She will go shopping boutiques, buy the most elegant envelopes and paper, her sketch, so good, every day for the missing boyfriend will carefully recorded. No words, only see sketch in flowers and plants and prinking blue small grain of tender feelings, can dribs and all into one's heart.

The boys heart envy, like a weed, every bit of news BengJian come over, all the spark of enough to let them burning up. Often in lie to talk to the meeting argued about incessantly, speculation that brats guy, when will put the beautiful blue small grain, from our side relentlessly away. Every time certainly wouldn't have unified answers, sometimes both the positive and negative side will therefore play a battle, played and shake hands, Because although grebe relentlessness, but our hearts are understood, blue small grain, has deeply implanted in each of our heart, if anyone, want to take her away from us, we will be ready to unite, consistent foreign.

Such scenes and quarrel, blue small grain without any perceived. We don't know if she knows that we hate her single-minded loving guy, will flay don't teach us. But think blue small grain to our like, a bit does not inferior to give my boyfriend to care, we then and high head, self-confidence, whether we do something wrong, blue small grain wouldn't we relentlessly abandon.Male 1 "secret appeared

Wutong leaves fall full campus LinXiaoShuai released another important news: that in our mouth transformational "male about 1", in the weekend, in the future, we will do this city information investigation, of course, the so-called survey affirmation is passing, the real task is to visit to day miss his blue small grain oh.

Everyone in the class, instantly become excitement. The surging emotions, actually more, blended with a sense of inferiority and conceit. That was the guy we xinxin ci, whether it's worth our pay so much enthusiasm?, or in other words, it is this eat swan's smelly boy, would there be qualified to love our blue small grain.

The weekend, we this one paparazzi, giving up all travel Internet or play game plan, and got a lot of essential basis. In order to make the news broadcast must provide authenticity, I still from home came secretly dad miniature DV machine, ready to let the whole class could see this great event of z.
Finally the arrival of that day. We are holding a book, drifts in blue small grain of single dormitory all around, and murmured to pretend study diligently shape. Blue small grain lilac curtain, is slightly open, we could see the blue small grain, delicate on cold procrastinate, in wooden floor merrily on walking around. The balcony blue small grain colourful clothes, in the wind wave to knock, like we swing states of mind, don't know when, can let the love blue small grain, get real peep. Occasionally, there will be ringing bells, in blue small grain casual collision, bells and whistles to ring. Often to sounds fine to no sign, we will like midnight we wake up, sighed, continue our reconnaissance.

Time minute by minute past, not only blue small grain frequently to downstairs looked, and even the most withstand the temperament LinXiaoShuai, all unbearablely send a fire, the slow to guy prostitutes and asa. Upstairs again hear footsteps in the blue small grain, she began to sit by the window, to school gate towards the road to see past. So sat stunned half an hour later, she suddenly went to stand up.

We all together brush at boulevard look past, my DV machine, also secretly to open. A red convertible taxi, so the insolent to horizontal blunt come over. The door opened, a facial expression pride unruly tall a car unearthed in the background, from. Dressed in blue beautiful extraordinary small grain, but also on the second floor stairs? And he heard her all the way in a soft voice calls a "LinPeng", rotate. This is LinPeng guy, unexpectedly is not as expected, jumping out of the car and ran up to hug live worth his life with blue small treasure grain. He still owes for over half body, indifference to look blue small grain like birds fly toward him.

They meet process, there is also a ten minutes. Ten minutes can speak honeyed words? And, such short time, blue small grain has been crying, that favor to even car all 15%-plus guy, tone, unexpectedly is all troubled and criticized. Even he even a goodbye didn't say, "bang" shut the door, JueChenErQu.

Let that does not love blue small grain guy penitence lifetime

The records the date of blue small grain occupied by me malicious DV machine, threw in the home. Sunday night, a boy to come over endlessly, begging for LinXiaoShuai was "splat" punch in the past. No one asked why, and seem to be such a bleak news, no person, the haze broadcasts of the class. Christian Louboutin

Can we say? We really love blue small grain, but by the ambition to cross to go abroad guy, into the town, and never come back, take her walk together.

Maybe blue small grain will therefore, don't stay with us apart. Nor did anyone, can be her whole heart, away. But why, we were jealous of molestation of weary heart, are not happy, or joy, or only thick doesn't open the sad and sorrowful. Like our own, was a love, to hurt!

Monday's English class, don't know is who, in speaking on the table, put a blue-and-white porcelain vases, the bottle says, it is a full bloom of red roses. The blackboard forests handsome little lovely doll body English, write:
Back Lan, we love you forever!.

Eyes redness of blue small grain, and not late. We thought we see such elaborate platform, she would have laughed, but not want to, her lips Angle, curl up again become warped, tears, or "hua hua" flow.

Maybe blue small grain never know, we like her, intravenous drip air.you experienced this calif sweet and sorrowful love. She also doesn't know, why LinXiaoShuai henceforth so annoying his surname, seems a "Lin" word, sticking up in him, and since then stick on the dirty and darken. As for our lie to talk to the meeting, unexpectedly is not divided, start collective cursed the Beijing guy, find a ugly old woman niang, in the future, let his life dragon penitence dead, dear blue small grain, can't even know the reason.

But lost heart blue small grain, and we 46 planet more fervent heart. So if she was sad, we own self-confidence there must be a way, let her crown on the sky, quick to clear up. Because there is nothing better than we to the blue small grain affection, more persistent, perseverance, and long?