We are each the love baby

40 years old, he only me. According to the custom home, to give the neighbors to send the eggs dyed Hongyan. He rushed to market, bought a lot of bright and full of eggs, their own cooking at home, and then use cheap paint, that each of the eggs are dyed beautifully dressed. Mother said, he was up early to mention the 100 eggs, to several buildings on the surrounding sent. Knocking on doors, in the eyes of others alienated in a strange, very loud and very proud to say that I gave birth to a baby daughter, 6 pounds 6, two to six o'clock, the most auspicious time for it! Yet someone, when he turned away, saying, but a pack rat, maybe the girl of his career and will inherit it. In this case, he has been quickly forgotten. In fact, he was so excited, and even hit the road, holding the child's mother, also went closer, huh, huh smirk said, the daughter of our family is so beautiful too! Many people looked at him as long-term clean up the broken and the hands chap wither, often waiting for him approached, took the child to go far to escape. He was not angry, his face still piled laugh, the way the people just threw his water bottle to pick up and singing with a smile to get home to see his infant baby. I long to 6 years old, began to like to follow him, wandering around in the city. Those dazzling colorful lights, and something like the tall buildings can not breathe, wearing heels da da woman walked up and down, the hotel will not have to be careful in the light slipping on the floor, than he bought for me the candy, but also warm and inviting. Although I can casually from his pocket a piece of candy thrown into the mouth, peeling, and these things I am tempted, but always packed in a transparent box, any how hard I try, it can not be opened to remove them. Every day he took me with a tricycle, crossed the road in the city, loudly yelling. Pedestrians often joked that the child is picked up you? He has always been very moderate, but there was this sentence, always let him hurry. Occasionally he will make a loud argument with the people, saying, This is my own baby daughter, then what is picked up?! Passers-by to see his children so contests, they smiled, muttering words: you do about Grandpa, so old. I was a wild girl, and by his spoiled, what people are afraid. See others bullied him, would jump off the car to go debate with people, saying, My father was not old then, he had the most strong and can carry several dozen large bag in one breath, the few people down! He listened to one side, regular and passers-by with a laugh. But I know he's laughing inside, all my love. Nothing, he can make that moment, as in happy, very proud. 10 years old, I suddenly began to have a little selfish, and then do not want to go out with him. Then he began to open electric tricycle, put a treble in front of the speaker, are my Children, unceremoniously shouted over and over again: a pack rat it! Car Dodo to open the past, many people will look back laugh pointing. I finally know that smile, in fact, more is the pity for me and him. And sympathy, a step further, is a mockery of it? He still did not care, in fact, apart from me, nothing mind. Even outside the car was overturned street punks, the speaker can hardly fall silent, he also hid a lot of junk in weighbeam. He was such a bully, there is no sorrow, as long as the home, you can see I ran up to him shouting, Dad, there are no good things to baby? I was his baby, has always been. Every time he would give me retrieve something fun, and sometimes a necklace fade, he cleaned, I wear around her neck. Sometimes a light purple balloons, and he blew the biggest force, tie the mouth and then, "bang" sound photographed mid-air to go, see me smiling jumping grab. Mama always said, do not spoil her, and spoiled even you have to fear is fierce. He would laugh, baby is born do not let me pet it? Once at school, when, from a distance he came around to call a fellow student: Korean Xiaoya, your grandfather come! I think he was coming fast to the tricycle, that he wanted to take me home, suddenly a little sad, for the first time that he's old, he's humble, the original will make my life so much embarrassment and come down. That day I was laughing at the students, the small road to go home to escape. Slowly the sensitive breeding and selfishness, it is so, I began to flee his favor everywhere. He knows I do not like running around with him, not force, but still I am afraid of playing the lonely, bought a large dog. It is very thin, fragile appearance, I would give it named "Big strong." The weekend, holding its shopping around. I am familiar with it quickly, but for him, a look of vigilance, to retrieve his bones, but also take the eye looks like love. I know because he rarely come to touch a large and strong, he would rather come back after a cup of tea, look at my writing, do not want to tease it. I questioned him, why do not like being strong. He would tease me, saying, How can big strong baby good. Words, almost become his mantra, so I hear too much, feel, but that is a joke. But there is one, and he let me know, this sentence is not only his original mantra used to make me. That he was entangled in two local ruffians, he smiled and said good words for a pass, still can not get rid of them. After my big strong just to see him being bullied by local ruffians, a car of paper, have been thrown to the ground. I watched the two men look fierce, sudden want to run away, was I took a big and strong, but it is all of a sudden I break out, rushed to two local ruffians tried to bite, and finally they screamed escape. I walked over and quietly to help him clean up the floor of the paper. I thought he would blame me, in his difficulties, I do not like even the big strong, but he still heard the phrase, no one better baby. My tears flow out Shuadeyixia child. The original of his heart, but love, nothing else. I was a college that year, he has close to 60 years old, gray hair, hands and feet are no longer agile. For my tuition, he stepped over the city garbage to be found every corner. Re strength of the job, no one asked him to do, even if he be brave, carry a hundred kilos heavier bales posters, but still be chilled again refused. People who waste recycling, they joked with him, saying, old Korean, you almost become waste, and also installed the young, do not love yourself, no one can really become tired of the pain you will! He laughed cheerfully and said, Who said no one hurt, my baby will be too! I believe he said this sentence, some are heart warming. Although I only go home once a year, but missed its own, had made him happy. I then began to talk about a love, and carefully, do not want to let the person know that he is so dark in the city home. The boy's parents, are all top cities, there are elite usual cold and polite. I stood in his house, according to the floor to see shadows, I suddenly felt lost himself who had been the favorite. They do not know my background, do not know I have a scavenging father, but I hidden in bones of inferiority, or make them a glimpse of my secret. Finally have the time, the boy's mother, handing me a drink, the light and asked me: What does your father do?Christian Louboutin I looked down at the hands of the less familiar beverage bottle, remembered that he has used plastic bottles, I produced a lantern, piggy bank, children lovely little man, but he never tasted the taste inside. I slowly drank one, and finally in the sweet and sour and slightly bitter in taste, raised his head and said: My father, he will do the bottle back to, make money for my school ... ... I finally divided the boy hand, although the boy insisted, would not mind, but I know his parents. My father is slowly growing old, began to bend back, standing in front of me, need to rise to see his beloved baby, so I do not want to let him be someone else's line of sight, even lower. This matter, I have not mentioned it to him. Because of him, I can not, like others, have a happy love equality. However, because of him, I have a bold and headstrong as the young time. After graduating from college, I found a stable job, receive a monthly salary of not less. I will earn money the first month, has long been promising to buy him a brand-name shirt. Came to pay, Miss shopping guide suddenly asked me, your father fat? You'd better call confirm size, Christian Louboutin Pumps so as not to cause trouble. I casually access road, about 100 pounds now. Next to a group of people, all of a sudden laugh, that there are so thin man? My face, made a sudden red. This is my first time, the laughter from the others, saw his frail and helpless. What, so that I had to trot all the way home carrying a man, old and out so quickly? My youth, so pressing, and that gave me life and favor of men, but it is too late and so I love he was to old and out quickly. No matter how I said he is reluctant to buy at home wearing my new clothes. He just Hehedexiao with, to say the mantra I used to, no one without our baby well. But finish the sentence, but not as old as I heard that forget the trivia bit long-winded, but it is very strange to hold clothes and go out and launch tricycle out the door. Mother said, your dad more and more confused lately, is really old, and not just a pack rat back up, how they go out? In my mother's instructions to find him back on the road. Just outside of the alley, they heard a voice cry unashamedly old was: a pack rat it! I was standing parasol tree, saw him driving empty, it is hard to cry. His body, wearing I bought him a brand name shirt. So thin, it seems that the whole person, are set inside. Christian Louboutin Sandals His lower body is still shorts, feet, wearing sandals is about to break. Brand-name clothes, did not let his noble, but filling out his funny and humble. I was so happy to open three rounds at him, shouting in the street. Encounter was to sell waste paper, but did not stop, but a Angtou, proud to be opened in the past. I finally overflow all over the floor of his happiness to know, no matter how the old, dark, no matter what way I dazzling, bright, and we will all be with each other, the most loving baby