XieWang bele

Brand, supply chain, channels, plus refinement of management, bele out of the manufacturing enterprise, become the new manufacturing virtually embarrassed.
This May 23, bele international holdings limited (Hong Kong) in the Hong Kong stock exchange, 1880, 8.40 in hk $8.14 barrel. According to the market, the closing of hk $6.7 billion, more than 380 million hk dollar value of gome (Hong Kong), a port 0493 into the mainland market retail.
Have strong voice channel is one of the core competitiveness, bele listed in the bele vigorously develop sales channels
Female shoe market was ever grace international group Co., LTD (Hong Kong), and almost 0210 poems, which adopts bele international brand strategy, more expanding sales outlets,Christian Louboutin shoes seems to be in each on hard and bele international. According to investment securities on June 4, according to a report of international footwear bele last forever, gross 56.1% for international (54) the grace and li ning (47.4%) are high, the company inventory turnover is below the industry average arose 2.53 of 3.4, receivables turnover days for 9.89 days, below the industry average of 15 days.
Since 1981, bele founder and the chairman of the board DengYao international founded in shenzhen, lihwan shoes Co., LTD has rich manufacturing, bele from footwear from retail channels, gradually expanded at brand, this way of 16 years, bele out of traditional Chinese manufacturing, become the profit-making new manufacturing.
Many brands and low cost
"In the early 1990s, we only have one brand Belle (bele)." One in ten years of international job bele old staff to remember, when they DengYao, chairman and CEO filled in shenzhen one hundred pepper 52-storey block a set of three rooms one hall of office, far from management, supply chain. "But at the same time, the two have strong brand awareness. They think shoes to sell a good price, there must be a good brand."
This brand awareness throughout the whole development process of bele, from the beginning of the OEM manufacture knowingly escape route, with a high starting point, brand matting. In 2000, bele began to develop more brand strategy, brand more by the launch. Currently, bele has bele international good, cato, he (she), madame TATA extension, Jipijapa 6 own-brand and beautiful poems and Bata the franchise use brand. In addition, bele international also Nike, adidas, puma, reebok and Kappa Mizuno Levis, sports and leisure clothing brand distributors.
According to China's enterprises information center (CIIIC) compiling statistics, with sales plan, bele 10 consecutive years as the first brand in Chinese dress shoes. And at last top 10 Chinese dress shoes,Christian Louboutin Pumps bele international sales division, the good days, bele cato, he took her four, bele ranked first.
"Everyone bele has its own brand of stylist, each brand style to the designers for core, basically every brand design, each other not sharing ideas, in order to maintain the brand style of independence." She said the Lord LiYuan stylist brand. She and other designers, is the soul of brand design team.
When each brand design drawings, will be brought to the meeting, all orders received an order, by each brand goods and consult factory for orders, and single. When the shoes from factories, goods will be delivered to each department data to operations department, the brand by the operation department is responsible for checking and products, located in the region of 10 to send data distribution center
In the area of the distribution center, bele international brand products began. One day in the morning of August, the HuangGang road in shenzhen, the reporter sees the TV industry to pull on the truck, above a Nike, adidas, good days, bele other brand shoe, they will be sent to all stores point-of-sale in shenzhen. "Yes, we are the distribution center for all brands and sporting goods bele do logistics." South China distribution center of management personnel, wang wei said more than 3000 square meters,christian louboutin heels a warehouse, bele cato, good days and Nike, adidas, etc. Of the goods all bele brand, In logistics links, with multiple brands in warehousing, bele has started on resources integration.
Bele brands resource integration is the second leg in the channel in the pioneering pack entered. And aokang, red leather enterprise opened store dragonfly etc, bele's sales outlets for shop counters. "In general store, bele will advocate hit five brands, and because they go into the product sales, and stores in negotiations often prevail." Vanguard ensemble super large department store Co., LTD, a director of investment to tell a reporter, bele with many brand advantage, is high-grade the favour of department stores.
Design and replenishment attune of independent brand goods, warehousing and logistics management and development of packaging, and integration between the orderly, make bele maximize the company resources integration, with relatively low cost more brand operation. Bele will set the benchmark, currently under aokang four brands, but still is the brand independent operation. And, as in aokang footwear enterprise, most companies even started more brand road, but today is the ability to integrate resources and bele.Agile supply chain
In shoes, Here, each stalls of leather shoes are put on the old one, the OEM manufacturers, exclusive design is the core competitiveness, and high value-added profit source. So the new shoes are hid, unless the old customers to customer, or they will pull up, let customers drape secretly, and then choose pattern or design production order.
Xingyuan hair is one of bele suppliers. Besides, the source of the city and into the European shoes industry, and egrets stalls, bele closely, namely the ODM supplier for design style, they choose, bele tag bele brand marketing. Whether European shoes plaza.underneath the universal shoes plaza.underneath beside still gathered in the area of guangzhou railway station, several large-scale shoes plaza.underneath nationwide wholesale leather shoes. These shoes plaza.underneath the stalls actually is shoes OEM wholesale, both for some big brands, oneself also supply some less operation well-known brands.
"Good day every four seasons here, the amount of each order from hundreds of thousands of double double to." It was the stalls shoe salesman beginning rapunzel said. She picked up a pair of shoes Teenmix "with", told reporters that is very popular in summer, the design of the wholesale price is 100 yuan, 10 double minimum, stores sell 200 yuan. "Now in the production of winter, spring will soon open shoes order exhibition!"Once in the beginning, bele budding said each season, will be brought before the order exhibition to pick it, then took the shoe shoe in order exhibition, after receipt of order to ever again into orders. For the factory in shenzhen baoan district into, and close the factory. Bele
In China, many brand shoe is through the purchase of OEM or ODM manufacturer's product sales and OEM. The most important department, buy a hand is purchasing, they need time setting still keen insight, have good vision to judge the next season popularity trend.
However, bele's shoes is not OEM and ODM. Bele DengYao founder in the 1970s is Hong Kong famous designer shoes, he is in the mainland and frequent trade in leather, saw the domestic shoe, so early and emphasizes on bele creative design. 10 years of accumulation, bele's powerful r&d ability is more than its brand obtained high engine.
"Bele is independent of shoes design." His Lord said she LiYuan stylist brand. She recently from a domestic brand shoe enterprises, she quit that his former club management mechanism is not suitable for r&d, bele will be independent design as the core competitiveness, gave her a suitable space.
Bele each brand quarterly average out 300 to 400 new shoe pattern design team, the designer and product r&d team by composed, they not only from various fashion exhibition in grasping trends, according to the past, market conditions and sales of competitors, the overall design concept.
With independent research and development, why even bele external purchase? "If bele will each season in their design and designers, and risk, if the market, these goods will not accept all failed!" A person familiar with the operation of bele said. Through the outsourcing design, bele can guarantee its own r&d advantages, and can according to market demand for flexible coping style.
Bele each brand design team will attend the annual drawings of the four seasons of internal order exhibition, the region will be based on the preference of this first order, including a detailed product design and quantity. "A pair of shoes from shelves, more than 20 days there fastest." LiYuanWen told reporters.
In a product, bele is 50% of the first order, all the rest is completed by filling in the form of single. When the first products on the shelves, the product of each item according to the sales manager will predict remaining 50%, the product sales, weekly orders issued replenishment. Factory orders and replenishment after receiving, will soon complete production ready for raw materials.
Stylist in 50% of the production process, while still plays an important role in the first shipment on the market, the brand to the designer after the first, check in shoes sell and slow-moving, then change in response to market demands,.
"Due to the order, the most by 50% for single form of factory, taller to the requirement of the production target is no longer a high-efficiency low cost, but to quickly finish more brand small batch of single!" Cheng 100 pepper said.
In order to strengthen the control of supply chain, bele since 2006 in shenzhen baoan began establishing New Year is expected to total industrial zone, bele will 15m. "Whether self-built factory or establish industrial union, must grasp production in their hands." Bele CEO shing 100 pepper warned aokang group limited company chairman wang zhentao, he thought of all the outsourcing production sales, can control the unfavorable too, and fashion products 3.5-ounce Peggy can fish when sold.
Goods from the factory produced after bele, keeping constant rhythm to each of the regional distribution center. "Every morning, goods on time arrive from a factory distribution center in shenzhen city of 11 o 'clock goods from us, night is the issue of south China to other cities in the morning to goods, nonlocal sales outlets." Bele wang wei distribution center of south China, told reporters. Actually, the goods at the factory began to distribute the goods, to each region will direct the distribution center, the regional distribution center of each city to again distribution center. And Nike, adidas sports brand is sent by their own timing distribution centers, bele each time again unified regulation shelves.
Although bele has more than 4000 sales outlets, can maintain flexible market reaction ability is lightsome, mainly with self-support goods department and closely, is the secret of bele.
In Beijing the counters, bele landao store clerk tian miss work every morning, the first thing is to open the computer system, understand headquarters to counter what new goods with. "Sometimes two or three pairs, more than 10, when a new stock every day, in the computer can clear." She said.
And, as the counter landao stores located throughout the country, can pass bele information system to the sales situation of each pair of shoes. The department in shenzhen, add a layer, and the days of good bele counters and pleasing, adjacent to a salesperson tells a reporter, every day after work, she will all the sales situation to IT in the system input and the supply of goods for single and transfer of the decision. "Every new shoes are just come from September to 34 yards, 39, so that we may sell through information system, if not ChengDiao with goods, goods department issued to apply, in part by goods nationwide tone."
In August, but still very hot in shenzhen bele cato, pleasing and other brand shoe ark in the autumn already. Another area is the discount. "We will sale season tail." A salesman said. But because of the strict control of orders, bele has reduced the risk of unmarketable Peggy.
Strong voice channel
"All women passing place, have bele!" Cheng 100 pepper said. He thought women consumption, if the randomness of the customer, should seize the women in their places frequented by winning the best shops selling products, and can do business together. With the brand with channel drives, bele's shoes, but rarely do advertisement in female consumers in the mouth.
Cheng, 100 self-support outlets can pepper with the consumer feedback, although what each sale terminal bele has installed IT system, but many subtle information but not through IT system can get. Because consumers to take off shoe and try to wear, is a difficult process, "customers tried to explain her shoes are very satisfied with some aspects, and finally has not purchase reason may just because some details are not satisfied, not a product, do not start selling it bad, the high probability, and ask the product sales are bad, but, according to the customer's opinion on small changes will soon after, became a best-selling products!" Cheng 100 pepper think these only independents to better accomplish, while the joining trader in sales and inventory or other perceptual information feedback, timeliness, comprehensive, accuracy is not independents.
In department stores, bele has brought a steady stream of people. According to China Euromonitor footwear retail mode, from 1998 to 2003, the department stores in footwear (especially high-grade products) in sales, leading to 2003, the total retail sales accounted for department stores in the second row, and 41% of the store is only 19% of share. In recent years, is just an important opportunity of laying bele channels.
"We have to open stores, because it's hard ChuTou comparison shop around and stores about good conditions, such as it is apt to change your location, or delaying payment settlement account." A well-known enterprise high-level private shoes. When the domestic shoe brand shop route, most go to choose the bele open shop in department stores.
"Good malls are vigorous and orientation of the popularity of high-end market, the brand shoes and bele." Vanguard large department stores investment department chief said. Bele and store the killer is negotiating the brands that total sales in stores provides allure extremely, therefore, bele will always had good location in the department store, and cooperate closely. The prospectus, bele until December 31, 2006,
Christian Louboutin Sandals bele in department stores of total sales, sales of 74.3%.
Besides, bele has small amounts of the joining trader. Bele north part personnel to join a wang, told reporters after listed in enlarging bele channels, including in the development of urban and rural places joining trader.
He says, bele now open the good days, bele, she added, the four brands to the joining trader, from joining shop goods, 40 thousand yuan will be enough. "If the city has, or the independents bele has the joining trader, bele will open to other people, all the joining trader in local are exclusive of." Mr. Wang said. According to him, bele is introduced from five years ago in subprime cities began to join, let alone in the small current urban development in the joining trader, bele internal self-support stores, more than 80% of the joining trader, the main purpose is to set up in the remote parts of the brand image of bele.
Blossom of channels for bele has brought new profit growth point. In 2006, bele became Nike and adidas in China's largest agent. "Nike and adidas come soon follow came in." Wang wei. In addition, bele has agency li ning, reebok and sports leisure Kappa brand. These sports leisure brand notting have is not fancy bele is numberless as the sand of the channel network.
Actually, the agent for sports brand and not bring higher profits, bele 2006 bele agent franchise brand (including Bata and beautiful poem), the total turnover of 28.6 percent. But hundreds of pepper saw the bowls of business, he attributed to two reasons, one is the low risk, "is money and resources", 2 it is to represent the future trend of sports brand, "American sports shoes industry in the proportion of 70 per cent, while China is less than 30% of the 2008 Olympic Games, China. The space increased sneaker is very big." Cheng, although that 100 pepper to contribute a lot of women bele profit, must be ready for tomorrow.
In the channel, the sport brand bele has two legs, one is shoe products are grouped into and department stores, another is orts shop. According to data display, currently under the corporate governance, bele has already opened in China and more than 1,000 sports stores nearly 50 professional sports city. According to the prospectus, bele acquisitions or hire more bele is building, build more orts retail store.
Management of the company
Many brand strategy, flexible supply chain, strong channel, all this, is inseparable from the fine management. Bele
Credit suisse investment in China SuQi managing director, said the master of business management, gave investors great confidence. "We saw so many enterprises, bele's fine management do best!" A senior investor bele tells a reporter, it is his own company stock investment bele without hesitation.
In his eyes, bele management success may be in three aspects. The organization is a seemingly very loose bele, its organizational structure is the headquarters, the retail sales area, 10 of the three layers of architecture, each region has a general manager, each area general manager power. Bele will give underneath branch headquarters of organization structure and the suggestion allocation, such persons, but the decision are pricing in local, "pricing and inventory cost, profit, and all the indexes, accrual equivalence. So can maximize arouse the enthusiasm of regional director, because they know the local market."
In this management framework, bele high-end products are unified pricing and low-end products is a unified ex-works headquarters, to give a guide price only by local himself to order. "Because of the rich world, price is not sensitive to the low-end products must follow the local market, its consumption ability has very big difference." Cheng 100 pepper.
Bele management success lies in the centralized headquarters. Bele headquarters responsible for strategic business development, national marketing and brand management, financial management, senior staff recruitment and training, such as work with more energy to headquarters to support and service for the future, and the strategic direction.
Three is the equity looked very loose bele, bele headquarters, the regional sales and production department for all the senior managerial personnel of the shareholders of a company. "Management by capital market, which means they like the interests and investors interests." Credit suisse investment in China SuQi managing director. Credit suisse is bele stock joint underwriters.
"Bele USES is the main power management, matrix is concentrated in the middle of this layer is 10 regional branches, each branch has many people, for example, one of the biggest branch has 900 people, a minimum of more than 100 people." A familiar bele insiders said.
He said that the enterprise implementation of general management will be more difficult, matrix because involves the reasonable degree of centralization and decentralization, and the main power bele to the front line, general manager, they still tend to branch of the corporation, the vice President of great power, can not only reasonable resource allocation, to get more resources, the headquarters of the branch can coordinate, bele from headquarters issued all brand, concentrated in the distribution and sales, branch "warehouse management and administrative service is Shared, and brand and separate."
Actually, in addition to the management framework, matrix of management and give investors bele has left a deep impression. "Any regional manager bele has jurisdiction in the area of any store all clear-sighted, such as area, rent, geographic location, a few counters, several sales personnel, store discounts, can speak clearly. Fine management, it is very rare in China's retail trade." The investor to the top bele surprised.
But in the reporter's interview, bele common staff to business of same surprising. When the reporter asked to the north of wang staff, he has been through in the north open no bele has a "blind", any of the city's economic situation, secondary indexes, such as consumption level of understanding. Even some remote reporter mentioned county, he can speak, bele immediately if there, local economic development channels for bele.Brave talk. "This is coming from the founding period of bele has a staff of bele evaluation. He thinks bele years good luck, but let it to seize the opportunity, but spread to every nerve endings of fine management.