Qiu dong trend to celebrate by tapping the classic regression

Constantly changing fashion, beauty exaggerated in the last season after the precipitation in 2010, finally the qiu dong season, suspension, officially declared the concise spindle let classical style with a kind of brand-new style, especially the fair maiden brought up -- american-style extremely brief and to take in the sexy, French engaging in romance, taking missish, Their armour and elegant; Sweet bud silk more compatibility bright... The city female people of relaxed and agile, in this qiu dong is classic regression carnival.Actually really is something overnight in the morning: open the Internet, fashion channel of the winter that by 2010, scan each big shows all low-key inside collect, contracted atmosphere. Several familiar to look over the waist and is vaguely remember in grace kelly or Jacqueline Kennedy seen style. Want to know, a few days ago, we still eyeful chun xia's vast printing, shiny piece and glittering and translucent and bright, and then in a flash, several heavyweight stylist neat return should open: "classic!" Few words are recorded, looked up and dust settles on.
The so-called "classic" refers to a relatively long time, in most fashion fans, to become one of the important elements in the era of fashionable dress collection. In other words, Coco Chanel said "tide, only the" eternal "style", which can be style that she is loved by millions of women tweed suit, also can be really, but she can lead the fashion of Christian Dior evolution of "New Look. In fact, all of which were now fashion fans remember "classic", are fashion and social integration, self evolving, and they once existed in the 1980s, 30 to salute to them that today, who can say to attack the return value of new faces exist?
Qiu dong fashion T stage clearly tells us like Beckham, ba Tudor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Catherine Gardner fu these represent different beautiful women as the classic of their hourglass figure with pride, classical money show female unique graceful line, also more than this, the fashionable women learn using modern techniques will be full of conflicts of various elements are combined, collision, cascade, don't appear abrupt or coxcombical, to trace, this is a mature woman should have clad ability. In the 1950s, the dress profile return to emphasize the contrast, long bosom curve and the calf skirt wide again this season fashion conquered catwalks, of course, also may the moisture is affected by the beauty of a madman "advertisements" Mad (Michigan algorithmic decoder Men) in the ubiquity of experience, but more and more young people begin in the mother's grandmother's closet even find inspiration, those who were extracted by time, the classic element will converge on their momentum, and sends out in fashionable appearance of enchanting amorous feelings. Balenciaga Givenchy, long pencil skirt and classic Jacqueline Kennedy's "set" (jet - even body skirt with small coat) style for the season with the taste of the 1960s. The handsome and military uniform style of smoking, aftertaste letting a person since the 1970s unlimited scenery.
Repeat this season, is common in classical fashion after a low profile creative compromise: compromise is the focus in order to sell more clothing and ensure fiscal revenue, abandon away from deficit of excessive ever relentless composition is unavoidable, Creativity is the point in history, fashion, the golden age generally carved into the design of the sense of cheap gradually, no matter what age for women, are worth excited. In fashion critics eyes, "classic" sometimes is not necessarily back out of fashion trends, absorbing the essence of the new PenBo out of oxygen, this is to ensure the correct way of classical forever. Interestingly, though "classic" in different country, different maps of be fond of of different character, the designers, with impressive numerous theme, but in the presentation of fabrics with colour, have similarities, coincide with the 2010 winter T stage, no need of adornment is omitted, began to unequivocally quality fabrics, the contour, neuter color clipping.
The modern high quality fabrics feel, easy besides picky, still require "zero", France's fabric once a range of evening, would be changed.so, abandon too close knit degree, so not wrinkle resistance, solid, grain, normal about unity, just fine dust cleaning brush the Italian men fabric is great dress, also stressed the tactility contrast material, also can let the woman wearing the mature experiences through the temperament and lasting appeal. On the other hand, but does not need to mention will exist forever black, white, ash, blue wait for neuter color, and some few appear intellectual ochre, purple and green, Fu bold and fashionable. But this year qiu dong, but not the color, the color is naked on T stage, including the coloring of camel's hair, with close cream-colored, golden blonde, brown, from New York to Paris, almost every brand will have a season, naked color coat the essence of this highlighted the highest "cool" luxury.
With senior U.S. department stores Neiman Marcus fashion director Ken Downing's words: "female people cannot lack a strong and reliable shoulder" - you can certainly understand women still eager to man's arms, but for designers, make gold in the women's strong independent, return to the mainstream of classic form "to celebrate with attack" as this season fashion trend of real topic.

1 extremely brief movement
American style extremely brief season knitting elements mainly in combination with the traditional dress of fresh after the contours, knitted fabric made by suit, or use a simple t-shirts and shorts supplement pencil skirt and a concise is its vivid expression. Especially has represented the pencil skirt American workplace style in return, and different is, designers use fashionable clipping and fabrics to deduce for many kinds of situations in pencil skirt.
2 bud PI cao
When the PI cao of wild charm of bud silk, after meeting will become soft. Stylist is in this season to create a complete female image, neither tough nor delicate. Tisci Riccardo with black feathers skirt with upper body frivolous transparent bud vest, to increase the overall modelling is lightsome feeling Givenchy, At Chanel show you can also see similar techniques, like the white hairy coat from the poles, short skirt, and after a knee tall canister boots are handmade compose flower bud silk blouse is to the body of the complex.
3 lady return
This year qiu dong, many brands in feminine, return to highlight female curvaceous profile design. Many brands will be looking to the late 1950s to 1960s initial classic fair maiden. From the umbrella skirt to dress, gauze to knitting, from the point of this season is to mix of different materials.
4 armies urban
Uniform design in this season with more elegant and feminine. In winter in the most natural army green as adorning colour appear in the integral collocation, Christian Louboutin Sandals it is not needed for large scale, you can take it with mustard yellow, khaki, CangLan or animal printing and fur, and then to match with wonderful collocation autumn is fashionable. In profile, designers are in the urban women to live for inspiration, the outline design various styles. In order to wear a uniform fashion "stylish rider", can be in uniform coat, naked on the heels of sexy, also can use a pair of boots will snap bundle, don't have amorous feelings.
5 the nude color
The change is naked so rich, so never changes of camel's hair, a shallow cream-colored, coffee, ZheShi, are the important colour cannot miss qiu dong. But should notice that: they are not independent, but with aureate, coffee, JunLu collocation are together. With the color of camel's hair warm coat collocation MaxMara gold, In Ferragamo, aureate embroidery with cream-colored fabric shirt was used to suit to match. And some other brands through different gold-like material produce the effect of call champagne, such as silk shirt is comparable with finishes the burnish like gold. The collocation of color combination can be naked in the decoration on, no matter be a choice of handbags or other similar belt, can let a naked looks more creative and supplement not too abrupt.
6 neutral pants
Many at ordinary times for the brand, the main outfit are introduced in this season, rich in the 1970s style of pants, Yves Saint Laurent suit style of Smoking in 40 years ago (Le) influence leaves as returned to a woman's body. Bottega Veneta this with black gives priority to tone, the design of classical style YSL, Christian Louboutin use double-breasted suit increased coat texture, it sags Givenchy and shares, Hermes and completely in England gentleman for background plate, a few can cosplay genuine neutral stage, Gucci and call is closer to the rock, embroidery, or a gold stripes fabrics, suit the masculine horn type with short pants blazer, well decorated the shape legs. Both day and night, designers from the fabric is very good in the package design, Christian Louboutin Pumps soft texture and choke? Foot waist, suitable for various occasions, and designed with velvet and metallic fabrics is colorful elegant late outfit is necessary.